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Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

December 24, 2016


* Yes, The Russian Ambassador To Turkey Died After Being Shot. No, It Was Not A Hoax.  




Long before the globalists and warlord bankers started pushing their “fake news” meme onto the truth movement via alternative media and citizen journalism, they used a marketing technique called yellow journalism to push their agenda for continual wars and conflicts around the world for at least one hundred years.

WAR is literally the business of warlord bankers and globalists. This is how they have grown their enormous wealth. Like any business with a product that customers might not purchase willingly, they needed a marketing plan that would create a desire for their product and services and keep their government customers buying more of what they had to offer. The birth of the modern war marketing plan was born by two newspaper moguls– Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst—in a form of propaganda called yellow journalism.

This form of journalism was nothing more than a public relations ploy to succor the world’s citizenry into buying into the biggest business on the planet—war. And unless we wake up to see how we are being brainwashed to support their war business model, we will face endless conflicts. Endless killing. Endless government spending on war products and services such as tanks, guns, soldiers, bombers, intelligence, communications and news networks, terrorism and anything that creates fear, doubt, hatred, and division in humanity. Endless byproducts of war, which the globalists have also monetized: refugees, human and sex trafficking, child molestation, and seizure of assets and resources of victim countries.

The globalist, warlord banker, and Zionist-controlled media is the marketing and advertising arm of the global war business.  The newly-emerged, yet powerful, citizen journalism movement threatens their business model and they must shut down alt media post haste. Hence, the “fake news” meme as a vehicle to silence us.

In another highly informative and deeply researched article by the Anonymous Patriots, we will show you the dirty secrets of yellow journalism so that you are fully prepared and armed with truth to take down their “fake news” meme. Just like we are blasting the internet with the truth about pedophilia and human trafficking through our PizzaGate articles and posts, we can also expose their fake news allegations by calling them out as yellow “cowardly” journalists. This article may be too lengthy for the casual reader, but for those of you who are first tier alt media disseminators, we ask you to read our research and create your own articles and videos to educate your viewers, readers, and circle of influence about yellow journalism. Let’s jam the internet “airwaves” with another powerful meme, just as we did with PizzaGate.

Key Point: Let’s start calling out corrupt media for what it really is–  YELLOW JOURNALISM.

Towards the end of the article, just before the Addendum, we provide you with a “test” to see if the media you read and view is a truth site or a vehicle for the globalist-warlord banker-Zionist to brainwash you into supporting their war agenda. So if you aren’t interested in the nitty gritty research, then at least scan our headlines and take the media test at the end of the article.

Where Does News Come From?


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