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Brief summary of confirmed CIA / Warhawk false flags over the last 100 years

December 30, 2016

Be watchful, another one is imminent!

* American Soldier Speaks Out – Real Enemy is The Ruling Class   

By Watchman, 29-Dec-2016

1917: The conclusion of WW1 resulted in the forming of the ‘League of Nations,’ the proposed vehicle to establish the NWO.

1941: That FDR knew of the Japanese Pearl Harbor attack in advance is now common knowledge. Besides, US needed to get into Europe in WW2, anyways.

1945: Since The ‘league of nations’ failed to prevent WW2, … after WW2, the warhawks/CIA formed the international False Flag ‘united nations’ organization.

1950’s: Harry S pushed us into Korea while the war machine was all warmed up … aiming for China, but they stopped McArthur cuz it was not time yet.

1963: JFK would not cooperate with the warhawks plans for war in SE Asia, so they killed him.

1964: USS Maddox/CIA false flag (proven) and the infamous gulf of Tonkin incident that opened my cruise into Vietnam.

1981: The CIA tried to kill Reagan (or maybe just warn him) to stop the anti-NWO stuff … until war criminal Bush could get in.

1991: CIA chief, and president, Daddy Bush announces the NWO in a famous speech. IRONICALLY he made the speech on Sept 11, 1991.
See the YouTube video here>

1993: Two years after his speech, during Clinton’s shift, the FIRST world trade center false flag attack happened. It was blamed on those damned Arab Muslims.

2001: Jr Bush was reading books to kids while Cheney, et al, triggered the infamous false flag on Sept 11. The attacks were perpetrated by the CIA, and took place EXACTLY 10 years to the DAY Daddy bush told us, and we have been at war with the Middle East ever since.

2017: Donald Trump is anathema to all the work the warhawks have done for ALMOST EXACTLY a hundred years (since the establishment of the ‘League of Nations’ after WW1.)

PAY ATTENTION TO DATES AND ANNIVERSARIES … The CIA and Satanic warhawks LOVE them … It’s been EXACTLY 100 years.

The current ONGOING False Flag is crafted to start WW3 with Russia … For the Satanic warhawks it’s NOW or NEVER.

Watch the ‘news’… read the thread here:–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma

Can you smell it?

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