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Proof The Imposter Obozo Was Born in Kenya

December 30, 2016

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By Dquixote1217, 28-Dec-2016

Was Obama Really Born in Kenya? I say the answer is yes – and I have a couple of clincher indications I will share here. But first, a few initial questions for background noise:

1. Why did Obama – the guy who promised to have “the most transparent administration in history” go to so much trouble sealing (hiding) his school records? You only hide something if it will hurt you. Could it have been that he was listed and admitted as a foreign student or received aid as a foreign student? If not, what?

2. Why did former Hawaii elections clerk swear in an affadavit that he was told multiple times by senior elections supervisors in 2008 that there was no record of a birth certificate for Senator Obama anywhere in the State of Hawaii Health Department system? Why did Obama make an unscheduled trip to Hawaii to meet with the governor right before his purported true long-form certificate was released? Now, I am sure it was just a coincidence but how odd that the official who certified the birth certificate later died in an airplane crash where all the other 8 passengers survived.

3. Why did multiple graphics experts swear and in some instances write reports and produce videos which they say proved that the certificate was a forgery? True, other “experts” disputed that but it was far from settled. Reports are that a group of influential Republicans were about to spring the story of the certificate being fake right before three things happened: First, Donald Trump played the fool (imagine that) and claimed Obama was born in Kenya without having any proof of his own. Then Obama became “the man who killed Osama bin Laden (never mind that bin Laden was reported to have died 10 years prior. Where is the DNA? Where are the photos? Why was the body rushed out to sea to be buried “according to Muslim traditions” when it is in fact considered blasphemy to bury a Muslim at sea?). And then third, Oprah declared that the certificate was real and that anyone who doubted it was a racist.

OK, interesting questions so far – but all can be explained away. The next two are the real clinchers to me:

4. If you are a young aspiring writer, as Obama once was, and you hire a company to publicize your writings and they make a brochure for you, would you not see the brochure, and correct any errors before OK’ing it? And once it was printed would you not have it corrected if there was an error you didn’t catch earlier? Then how do you explain that the sales brochure for Obama the writer clearly said that he was born in Kenya and was never corrected until he decided to run for political office? I can think of no explanation other than that it might be a selling point to market his writings but it was an absolute disqualifier for political office.


5. By definition, a “home country” is where a person was born. It is not a country where someone’s parents or other relatives lived or came from – it is a person’s birth country. Period. So how does one explain this slip of the lips:

So there you have it. Yes, it is circumstantial, but the only conclusion I can reach is that Obama was indeed born in Kenya and THAT is the greatest election fraud ever.


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