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Note to Meryl Streep and all the left-wing Hollywood fantasy land inhabitants …

January 11, 2017

Being famous, ignorant and loudmouthed is not an award-worthy achievement



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The greatest mistake people like Meryl Streep keep making is thinking that they are experts in geopolitics and the structure of free societies. In truth, all the left-wing Hollywood fantasy land inhabitants are pathetically uninformed, unintelligent and largely unimportant to the real world.

They are actors, not analysts. They are experts in make believe, not experts in reality. They’ve become so good at the art of impersonation and deception that they are even able to deceive themselves into thinking they’re the most important people in society. As a result, they may have pretty faces, but they have incredibly ugly ideas.

With notable exceptions such as Jon Voight — a true American hero — most of the actors in Hollywood are so out of touch with the American people that they have no clue how the real world works. I’ve actually had famous people call me and want to do interviews with me who were then completely shocked that I told them “no” because I didn’t think they were serious enough people to give a platform on Natural News.

Hollywood leftists are hopelessly out of touch with the real world

Famous people aren’t used to being told “no.” In the fantasy world they inhabit, everyone caters to their silly whims, and everyone says “yes” without critical dissent. This is exactly what makes Meryl Streep, Martin Sheen, Cher, Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon and a long list of other hopelessly “bubble minded” left-wing Hollywood types hopelessly out of touch with the real world (and frankly boring as hell to be around, because they have no meaningful ideas that matter).

They’re so out of touch that they don’t even realize the world is mocking them when they talk about politics. Hearing Meryl Streep talk about politics is a lot like listening to a Starbucks barista give you stock market investment advice. The total cluelessness of these people just astounds the senses and offends the mind. I cringe at the thought of wasting time hanging out with famous people who  clueless about world events. While I have many friends in Hollywood who genuinely are famous people, they happen to be the few who are well informed, patriotic and humble.

Meryl Streep leads Hollywood’s nauseating parade of stupidity and ignorance

A typical Natural News reader knows a hundred times more about geopolitics, finance and government than Meryl Streep will ever know… yet she parades around with an air of moral superiority that demands people listen to her analysis of world events for no other reason than the fact that she’s really convincing when pretending to be other people.


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