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The Donald cannot make a wrong move, The Trump Movement will not be thwarted

January 16, 2017

NO ONE Knows What Is Really Going On Right Now

* Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted   




Currently things look very precarious for President Donald Trump … and they are indeed.

Inauguration Day represents a HUGE hurdle for him to get over in one piece.

Once he’s in the Oval Office, everything changes.  He will be in the position to clean house like never before in U.S. history.

However, until he’s in the seat of power, they (Deep State) will throw everything at him, including the kitchen sink.

It’s true that Deep State is beside itself with sheer desperation and fits of rage.  They have never seen anything like Donald Trump before.   That’s because there never has been anything even close to his level of raw courage and determination.

As a matter of fact, the more Deep State does to undermine his presidency, the more they will become the object of The Donald’s wrecking ball.   Do you now see how it works?

The Greatest Wrecking Ball in Modern History

Truly, if ever a wrecking ball was to incarnate into human form, Donald Trump would be the perfect one.  His photograph now sits next to the phrase “wrecking ball” in Webster’s Dictionary.

Let’s see:

• Trump wrecked the little party held by the RINO’s who hijacked the Republican Party.  The GOP is still floundering as never before from all the wreckage left in the wake of their Trumping this past campaign season.

• Trump wrecked the once all-powerful Bush Political Dynasty—for good!

• Trump wrecked the Clinton Crime Family—for good!  He also wrecked their fake NGO known as the Clinton Foundation.

• Trump relentlessly wrecked the decadent and depraved Democratic Party during the same campaign season, as he continues to.

• Trump has wrecked the Mainstream Media (MSM) like no person in U.S. history… as well as world history.  He’s still wrecking them, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

• Trump has wrecked the U.S. electoral process by exposing the election theft and fraud that occurs every 4-year cycle without fail.

• Trump is wrecking the 17 intelligence agencies in ways that are not yet known.  He is revealing their daily sedition with every proclamation about their well-known perfidy and untrustworthiness.

• Trump is wrecking a LOT more than this, much of which is taking place under the radar. The damage he has inflicted 24/7 to various U.S. agencies and institutions is as profound and fundamental as it gets.

“The Donald Cannot Make A Wrong Move”

Now that’s a pretty strong statement.  How, pray tell, can such a universal statement ever be made about any political leader?

Nevertheless, as the title declares, “The Donald Cannot Make A Wrong Move”.

Listen carefully to what you are about to hear.  Donald Trump makes many politically incorrect statements just as he apparently does many crazy things.  Incorrect and crazy according to whom?

Herein lies The Donald magic.  Even in his mis-steps and apparent mistakes, he can do no wrong. Each and every questionable action that the MSM has tried to capitalize on has only backfired on them.  No matter how ‘awful’ the human mistake, Trump comes out of these situations looking more authentic by the day.  As follows:

We all remember the locker room language that Trump has used, as every man in America has probably uttered in their lifetime.  What that little episode did was to dramatically accentuate the vast differences between the gay and fearful Obama and the masculine and courageous Trump.  In other words, this nation no longer wants, or needs, a NWO girlie man; rather, We the People want a real man.

Trump Locker Room Tape: At Least It Shows That He’s A Real Man … And Not A Girlie Man Like Barack Obama all the others

The ongoing assault on white heterosexual men, in particular, has served to greatly undermine the nuclear family.  America now wants its men back.  Especially after gay marriage was unconstitutionally approved by the Supreme Court has the social fabric been torn irreparably.  The bottom line is that the USA needs to right the ship of state concerning these weighty social matters before it sinks because of the wrath of you know who.

What’s the deeper point here?

Well, according to the political establishment and the MSM, Trump cannot do anything right.  They see his every move as wrongheaded and ill-advised.  Surely every thinking American should see this as a good thing… a VERY good thing.

Especially in light of the transparent collusion between Obama’s administration and the MSM is it obvious that no one but the fox has been watching the henhouse in D.C.  This has been the status quo for many years, and it only gets worse — much worse — with each successive administration.  The second catastrophic term of Obama stands as a stark testament to how much damage a rogue president can do.

The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA

The critical point here is that everything that Trump does, or does not do, will somehow be used by the higher forces for the highest good.  We are living in very interesting times which demand very unusual responses.  Therefore, it makes no sense to second guess Trump’s every move.  The Highest Power is clearly in charge right now.  The process of national transformation will take place come hell or high water.  Even if Trump went rogue on us, the Trump movement will continue to strengthen by the day.


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