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Useless FLAKES getting too much press coverage … they’ve Pissed Off the Wrong People

January 16, 2017

Tens of Thousands of Bikers for Trump, Cops for Trump Coming to DC for Inauguration




As January 20 approaches, the fake news media (formerly known as the mainstream news media), is practically cheering on the anti-Trump groups that include several organizations funded by multi-billionaire George Soros. For example, Rev. Al Sharpton was the recipient of positive news coverage on Saturday with his Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March that was more about Trump than about the civil-rights icon. The fact that, according to his niece, Dr. Alveda King, MLK was a registered Republican — since the Democratic Party was joined at the hip with Southern Democrats who opposed civil-rights legislation — seems to escape reporters.

While it’s a sure bet the majority of news organizations will avoid covering, pro-Trump events, the few who give them scant coverage without a doubt will denigrate and mischaracterize the groups such as Bikers for Trump and Cops for Trump. Although both groups are attending the Inauguration Day festivities as citizens who are Trump supporters voicing their joy, should the Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, or any other dissidents create havoc or worse, the law enforcement officers and bikers will protect civilians from injury or worse.


Bikers from a number of states are expected to visit the nation’s capital for the Trump Inauguration

Bikers for Trump promote and coordinate rallies and events nationwide and to inform voters on issues confronting America.  Its leadership works to connect patriotic bikers with the sole purpose of electing Donald Trump President of the United States. Bikers for Trump does not endorse violence nor do we endorse confrontations with paid protesters at Trump for President appearances. Bikers for Trump believes in the first amendment of the United States and believes in the People’s peaceful right to demonstrate and protest, however we denounce protesters being paid and provided untruthful propaganda and encourage bikers from around the United States to attend Bikers for Trump rallies in a peaceful manner. (See videos below.)

The founder of Bikers For Trump, Chris Cox told “Fox & Friends” his organization will, if need be, form a “wall of meat” to protect citizens attending President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday from protesters and the like. Cox said thousands of bikers from across the country are going to converge on the District of Columbia to prevent any violence or wrongdoing at the event. Cox said he has full faith in the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington as well as the Capitol Police and U.S. Park Police, but will be standing by, should things get out of hand. (See video below.)



“We believe Donald Trump is a risk worth taking. He is best suited to tackle the issues via the art of the deal. We hav had 16 years of a do-nothing Congress and gridlock. Congress has an 11% approval rating. Trump will light the fire.”

“Republicans have controlled both houses of congress and broken their promises. Even though Obama may veto, where is our healthcare replacement, our immigration reform, our school choice, etc? From cops to Congress: what have you done to support us? As documented herein, Hillary is no friend of law enforcement.”

If you are in law enforcement, what is important to you? Is It:

  • Getting surplus military safety equipment back so we can go home at night?
  • Stopping the Federalization of local law enforcement via the FBI, Department of Justice or EEOC?
  • Increased federal penalties for crimes?
  • Stop the catch and release of criminals?
  • Other Public safety issues?
  • Other international issues?
  • Other national issues?
  • How do you feel about body or car cameras?
  • What is your take on the Constitution Art 10 States Rights?
  • What is your opinion on gun control issues?
  • We want to hear from you!


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