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Libtards who ended up with No Job and becoming Quite Unemployable

January 18, 2017

One good thing about ’em though … they can lie, they can deny, they can fake it, they can protest, they can cry – but never never would they jump in front of a moving train

* ‘Never Trump’ Republicans shocked they can’t find jobs in Trump’s White House
* ‘Never Trump’ Republicans complain about never getting a job at the new White House
* Amid packing boxes and tears, staffers leaving White House   

valerie-jarrett-and-white-house-staffers-reutersjoshua-roberts-e1483908221279Valerie Jarrett and White House staffers listening to Obozo speaks at the White on November 9, after the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election – Read More

1ola0wh6achx13cmeclsxug-900x350Crooked Hillary aides and campaign staffers will be moving back in with their parents and go on welfare, according to counselors working with the recently unemployed staff – Read More

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