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Chief of FAKE NEWS broadcast HINT how to keep Obozo in power

January 20, 2017

* CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obozo Administration in Power
Did CNN Just Provoke an Inauguration Day Attack in Front of Millions?
* Wishful thinking: CNN dwells on possibility Obama official might take over if Trump is killed   

The timing of the broadcast could not have been more sinister – on the eve of the inauguration of the 45th US President?

Surely its intent was predictive programing, subliminally planting an idea coaxing for the assassination of the in-coming president. Who benefits? All signs indicate its the cabal and the Deep State. For they are desperate – their world has been turned upside down and they know, unless they wrest back power and maintain status quo, its all over for them.

Lets pray no demented psychopath gets inspired to carry out the dirty deed for the hopeful satanists. Lets pray the Devils wile be thwarted yet again.

Then, lets punk CNN for good – shut it down for treason!


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