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Trump shuts down Obozo’s post-presidency hustle

January 20, 2017

True to form like a snowflake the bozo got furious, cries and screams …

* Obummer! by Christina Houston – Video  



We’ve all heard that Obozo and his family are planning on staying in Washington DC after their illegal stint as First Family is over so they can continue meddling in governmental affairs. Donald Trump changed all that.

In a move that reportedly sent Obozo storming away from the Oval Office where he was on the phone with the President-Elect, Trump informed him that he was taking steps to remove Obozo’s influence from post-Obozo government.

A Trump aide in the room who asked to remain anonymous, said that Obozo began screaming when Trump told him, “I’m sorry, but I made a promise and I intend to keep it.” The promise was to keep people from former administrations from lobbying or interfering with government for a period of five years after their term is up. Obozo apparently flipped out when Trump told him:

“That will include you, Mr. President. I will be adding POTUS, V-POTUS and the entire First Family to the language. You’re welcome to stay in DC, but if you try to impede the work the American people elected me to do you’ll go to jail.”

Shortly after the phone call the Obozos announced they would be buying a house in California. Buh-bye, Bozo. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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