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Arrests imminent in PizzaGate scandal – Names named!

February 7, 2017

* PizzaGate is much bigger than anyone knows and It is About to Explode
* FBI Insider Exclusive! CA #PizzaGate Pedo-Rings under investigation Hollywood/NAPA Valley and More
* FBI: 30% of Washington DC part of Elite Pedo Ring
* Ghastly truth about Pedogate, Satanism, Political Power, Hollywood Celebrities   

Here Are The Names Of Prominent Politicians!

CES = Charles Ellis Schumer (D)
NP = Nancy Pelosi (D)
BF = Barney Frank (D)
MB = Michael Blumenthal (D)
TK = Tim Kaine (D)
DF = Dianne Feinstein (D)
JM = John McCain (R)
LG = Lindsey Graham (R)

Victurus Libertas website

Victurus Libertas YouTube

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