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Obozo SCREAMS LIKE A BABY after being refused a meeting with Trump at the White House

February 18, 2017

This commie bozo has to be arrested for treason, together with his handler George Soros!

* Trump to assemble team to investigate Moochelle Obozo – Barack Is PISSED!
Trump changed how Obozo will get his pension and Moochelle is FUMING!!!
Trump cancels funding for Obozo’s Free House and Library – Moochelle FURIOUS
* Trump FURIOUS when he finds out the perk Obozo got for his daughters FOR LIFE
* Obozo’s secret bunker found 3 miles from White House with terrifying find inside to take down Trump!  


Four Secret Service agents and two United States Marines had a good laugh earlier today when Barack Obama showed up unannounced at the White House, demanding a meeting with President Trump. At first, the former president just nodded and waved and started walking through the door at the ellipse like he owned the place until he came face to face with Agent Brock Neidemeir, who used to serve on his detail.

After a short discussion, Neidemyer agreed to call down to the Oval Office and was told by Trump’s secretary Rosalita that he wasn’t welcome and that Trump had no time for him. Obama, being the sore loser that he is, started stomping around like a baby and demanding he be allowed in. People as far away as the south gate could hear him whining.

There’s no telling why Obama felt the need to show up at the White House or why he thought he could just waltz right in like he owned the place. One thing is for sure: Trump isn’t going to allow someone who knows how to do his job that much better than him come down the halls of the West Wing to show him up. He has real issues to deal with.


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