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Why did the Oscars fiasco really occur?

March 3, 2017

Because La La Land actually won the Best Picture award, not Moonlight

And someone wanted the whole world to know

* Oscars Producer: Best Picture Fiasco ‘Like the Hindenburg’ Disaster   



SOTN Editor’s Note:
Please click on the original link of the article posted below to read the comment section at VARIETY.  Many of these commenters are very perceptive and sometimes arrive at the real reason as to why such a mediocre movie — Moonlight —  was given the Best Picture award.

The upshot of the obviously engineered confusion that took place last evening is that: “Moonlight” did not really win the Best Picture award; “La La Land” did. The voting process was transparently fixed to unfairly give “Moonlight” top honors. This movie has hardly been seen by anyone, for goodness sake.  Its gross revenue is a mere trifling compared to many of the other flicks in the competition.

So, why would the ultra-liberal Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) give such an inferior movie the highest award?  Because it gratuitously promotes homosexuality, and does so within the black community by way of a highly confused black man.  Apparently, America’s black communities need to be taught a quick lesson via sterotypical Hollyweird depravity that being gay is now cool … even for drug dealers in hardcore urban drug cultures.

LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing American Society and Corrupting The Planetary Civilization

Clearly, advancing the LGBTQ agenda — by every means possible — remains Hollywood’s number one priority, even if it mean rigging the Oscars.  This is why the “Best Picture” announcement process was so screwed up; the accounting firm knew that “La La Land” had really won. Someone in the know deliberately handed out the incorrect envelope to throw a wrench in the Academy’s plan.  And boy, bit it!

Oh, and by the way, if a PI were to contact each and every AMPAS voter, it would be proven unequivocally that “La La Land” won by an overwhelming landslide.

What’s quite interesting about this purposefully staged drama is that it also appears that the “Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture — Drama” was also rigged in favor of “Moonlight”.

Those Liberals and Lefties, Democrats and Progressives just love rigging the vote and stealing elections, don’t they?!   That’s why they so hate Donald Trump—he totally foiled their 2016 election theft.

State of the Nation
February 27, 2017


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