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Naming the Neocon Traitors that Have Sold-Out America

March 21, 2017

Trump’s Accusers Run Multiple False Flags to Push for U. S. Regime Change



Why is Senator John McCain, the most aggressive warhawk in Congress, viciously attacking President Trump as if he were in the opposition party? In the worst kind of political irony, McCain, the former leader of the Keating Five gang, who cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 trillion in the savings and loan debacle, is accusing Trump of impropriates and misdeeds. McCain, whose lurid sex affairs with a Washington telcom lobbyist during the 2008 presidential election where McCain was the Republican nominee, has the audacity to proffer an alleged Trump sex scandal, the “Russian Trump Dossier” as his October Surprise to try to discredit and vilify Trump.

McCain immediately gave a press conference on the dossier, claiming that he was given the report, a claim that the propaganda media ran without question. Yet, this is not true at all. McCain heard about the report and sent a courier to pick it up and bring it back to America, whereupon he promptly turned it into a non-stop full-frontal attack on Trump, without first taking the dossier through the intelligence channels that a document of this nature would need to go first and foremost, ethically and legally.

Have you noticed that McCain has been the loudest voice in Congress attacking Trump about the “Russian hacking of the DNC,” a claim that has again and again been proven to be a failed attempt at an October Surprise from the Democratic camp? During the election cycle Clinton and McCain were singing a duo that “Trump is a Russian spy.” AIM4Truth readers certainly noticed that Putin kept unusual bedfellows and it wasn’t Donald Trump. We saw who Putin was close to: Hillary Clinton, who sold Putin 20% of the remaining U.S. uranium, and McCain, who sent multiple letters to the Russian aambassador asking for campaign donations for his personal presidential campaign.

Key Point: Both the above actions, asserted with verifiable proof, are illegal. If we are a nation of laws, where is the media in reporting this illegal activity by an elected official and a presidential candidate to the American people? Not to mention, where are the special Congressional committees and DOJ special prosecutors for these treasonous acts?  
Or, is the rule of law a suggestion, rather than a mandate, for special people like John McCain and Hillary Clinton?

McCain is the head of the Senate Arms Services Committee and clamors a great deal about whatever he and the CIA are doing with black-ops throughout the world. He is the number one proponent of the Kissinger international policies that have created regime changes in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, USSR, and the other countries that George Soros and the CIA have targeted. McCain is the cheerleader for “no-fly zones,” which is a warmonger’s sneaky way to engage in war without U.S. congressional approval. McCain has been open about funding ISIS, or any rebels that he deems personally worthy of his support. Last May, he secretly flew into Turkey and went across the border into Syria to meet and support Syrian rebels, many of whom are affiliated with ISIS and have committed atrocious war-crimes.

McCain returned to Washington and began a news campaign demanding that America send planes to establish a no-fly zone against the duly elected president of Syria, who McCain says bluntly must be “taken out,” “deposed,” or “gotten rid of.” McCain then demanded more weapons and money for the rebels and Congress committed 75,000 troops to their cause. By his own actions, McCain does not abide by the laws of the United States, no less for international agreements and treaties.

It is illegal to conduct war without U.S. Congressional approval. Period.

Key Point: Rand Paul called for Obama to answer for war-crimes and crimes against humanity for the bombing of seven countries that Obama, Hillary, and most especially, John McCain, supported completely: War has been conducted without Congressional approval. If the media were honest, reporters would have been on this story, investigating and writing about it every day. If government and law enforcement officials were doing their jobs, we would be seeing arrest after arrest of senators, representatives, presidents, and politicians who voted for and promoted these illegal wars.

Open your eyes, folks. These were I L L E G A L  W A R S.

John McCain acts like he is the “commander and chief” of U.S. wars and seems to have an unrelenting quest to go to war with Russia. If McCain’s rebel no-fly zones were established in Syria, it would undoubtedly cause escalated warfare that could lead to limited nuclear warfare in Syria, Iraq and the Levant. Does anyone but Rand Paul have a conscience in the U.S. Congress?

Why does John McCain get a pass from the media and his congressional colleagues to lie, cheat, and promote non-stop war in so many countries throughout the world?

Why is McCain so blatantly and proudly a supporter of the international corporate war machine?

Why does McCain do everything in his power to heat up the cold war with Russia?

McCain Promotes Kissinger’s Clash of Nations Policy

In case you aren’t familiar with the horrendous, decades-long crimes of Henry Kissinger, please see our article Henry Kissinger-Public Enemy #1-and his Lawless Reign over America. This will give you deeper insight into how John McCain acts as Godfather Kissinger’s agent provocateur.
McCain was given the highest award a non-Ukrainian can receive for his actions to destabilize the Ukraine through George Soros’ Orange Revolution. McCain celebrated the illegal overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi after the Obama/Clinton/McCain no-fly zone and rebel insurrection, supported by Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, and threw Libya into a civil war that created twelve million refugees that have added to the European migrant invasion. Now, Russia is moving in to grab oil and resources of Libya after the CIA made off with Gaddafi’s personal $40 billion fortune. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that McCain knows exactly where the CIA is hiding the war booty.

McCain is the CIA’s man in the U.S. Congress who helps keep the Kissinger policies of “clash of nations” in place. Libya was destabilized by CIA supported rebels, then the Libyan wealth was stolen by the CIA while civil war tore the country into pieces. The left-over stinger missiles of the “U.S. supported rebels” are then sold to the rebels in Syria by the notorious arms dealer Hillary Clinton as Ambassador Stevens is murdered. Then, Obama and Clinton lie about Benghazi and the CIA moves its focus to Syria for the next round of regime change. Note that Russia wins in this deal also. If anyone is a Russian agent, it is the tres amigos Obama/Clinton/McCain who continue the “clash of civilizations” so that the “Cold War” will become a “Hot War” while Russia picks up the crumbs left over from the Syrian civil war.


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