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Final Tally: Cost of Obozo’s golf outings to the taxpayer

April 5, 2017

This conman had taken America for a ride – and the libtards think the sun shines from his nether orifice

* A New Scandal Is About To Cost The Obozos Everything  



Barack Obozo spent more time golfing than any other president in history. When all was said and done, the golfer-in-chief had spent 264 days of his 8-year reign of terror on the links at the taxpayer expense.

President Trump had a special investigator look into the cost of all that golf to the taxpayer. After figuring in greens fees, transportation, security, food, beverages and equipment, the final cost came to just over $1 billion.

You heard that right. $1 billion for one man to walk around luxury country clubs all over the world playing a game he’s not all that good at to begin with.

The office of the comptroller will be sending Obozo a bill that will have him paying back more than $400 million of that money that can’t be justified as a typical expense for a president. Obozo has some nerve costing all of that money when he surely could have played much less and paid for a lot of it himself.


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