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TRUMPAGEDDON: The real back story behind U.S. missile attack on Syria

April 11, 2017

TRUMPAGEDDON was planned by neocons all along, POTUS taken captive by fanatical warmongers

* White House Source: Trump Pushes Back Against Neo-Con Plan to Invade Syria
* Cernovich: We Are Defending Trump by Attacking Deep State  



This is war! And nothing but an all out-war between the East and the West. However, Trump’s flagrant act of war against the sovereign nation of Syria was — ABOVE ALL — an extremely symbolic gesture.

Just as symbolic, however, was the Russian counter-initiative which effectively neutralized 37 of the 60 missiles fired at Shayrat Airbase. Only 23 hit a target in Syria. As for the true meaning behind these momentous actions and counteractions, the following background information is absolutely essential if the truth-seeker is to correctly understand this defining moment in human history.

The whole world has been experiencing the cold phase of World War III since the false flag terror attacks staged on September 11, 2001 by the Neocon Zionist cabal that effectively owns and operates the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (See Glossary below).

That CIA-MI6-MOSSAD-GID-ISI-DGSE coordinated black operation on 9/11 was executed to accelerate the “Second Great Depression”, which actually began with the slow-motion Dot-com bubble burst that transpired from 1999 through 2001.  In this fashion, the real economic and financial battlefield of this raging world war would then be carefully cultivated by the London–New York City nexus of banking and financial power over the subsequent 16 years.

Fast forward from 2001 to the engineered real estate crash of 2007, which was immediately followed by the manufactured stock market crash of 2008.  Both of these controlled demolitions were used to significantly deepen the “Second Great Depression”.  More strategically, this global collapse was stealthily utilized as cover to perpetrate many profound and pervasive acts of financial terrorism and economic sabotage against the BRICS nations, especially Russia, China and India.[1]
Key Point: The first Great Depression that began after the fabricated stock market crash of 1929 was quite purposefully concocted as a prelude to World War II. That global economic depression caused such great financial hardship in every country on Earth that the world community of nations could be easily goaded into war.  And so it was.

The Great Game continues

What the world has witnessed since 2008 is the continuation of this very same strategy. This surreptitious strategy of periodically inducing economic cataclysms and financial calamities is central to the current state of affairs on the global geopolitical chessboard. Sometimes known as the Great Game, which was started by the British East India Company in 1600, it’s not just a competition between Great Britain and Russia for control over Asia’s vast natural resources.

In fact, during the intervening centuries, the Great Game has grown considerably into a global conflict between the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) and the BRICS Alliance for domination of the planet.  The ZAAA is determined to establish a New World Order dictated by a totalitarian One World Government; the BRICS seek to form an international order marked by self-determination and egalitarian consensus.

This intensifying war is now heating up like never before because the West is facing true existential threats via the final demise of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is where the present plot really begins concerning the primordial tension between the East and West, between China and the USA, between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. (Listen here: VIDEO: Donald Trump and His Obsession with China)


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