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Exposing the Lineage of the New World Order

April 16, 2017


“What is most effective today and what will show itself to be an even more effective imperialism in the future will be its bearer — the Anglo-American people. As far as its name is concerned, it has shown itself to be something new: economic imperialism. Everything said about this economic imperialism is untrue and more or less consciously leads to untruthfulness.”  Rudolf Steiner, The History and Actuality of Imperialism, Lecture 1, Imperialism, Dornach, February 20, 1920.

Father of the New World Order


President Woodrow Wilson, through his naïve intellectual worldview, was the unwitting father of the New World Order through his Fourteen Point plan and his League of Nations. Wilson was a political paradox and his efforts usually back-fired on him, becoming the opposite of what his idealistic political science fantasies imagined. Wilson embodied a certain type of blind intellectual hubris. His idealistic League of Nations eventually became the United Nations, the Mother and home of the New World Order and corporate imperialistic globalism. Wilson’s biggest mistake was listening to bankers and barons of industry who proffered a foreign policy that led America to enter WWI. Wilson was so clueless about leading the country that numerous intellectuals and bankers created an advisory group called “Inquiry” to instruct him. Wilson’s Fourteen Points were based on the research of the Inquiry, a team of about 150 advisors led by foreign-policy advisor Edward M. House.

Inquiry’s advice steered Wilson from being an idealistic isolationist to becoming a leader in global democracy, making America the watchdog of the world. Wilson’s “instructions” from the Inquiry led him to loan money to both side of the war and pass the debt on to the American people through payroll taxes assessed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Domestically, Wilson gave the country over to greedy corporate tycoons who used their government positions to amass more personal wealth.  It was during the Woodrow Wilson presidency that corporate imperialism of globalists were able to sell out Americans and the people of every nation under the guiding direction of the United Nations and the warlord bankers and brokers who created it.

KEY POINT: The Inquiry eventually transformed into the Council on Foreign Relations which is still filled with globalists and corporate warlords who sell out America for personal gain and control the White House policies on foreign affairs.

There is a direct “mafia-like” lineage of corporate imperialists starting with Charles Dawes who taught Edwin Pauley and Allen Dulles, who then taught Henry Kissinger and George Bush Sr.  This globalist mafia lineage has controlled American foreign and domestic policy since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson is, quite literally, the father of the New World Order based upon his political science fantasies and the strong-arm techniques of the rich corporate war-lords he put in control.

During his presidency, Wilson was responsible for the following naïve and shortsighted actions:

  • The Federal Reserve Act – creating the U. S. Federal Reserve System and its central banks
  • World War I – loaned billions to both sides before and after the war without any formal alliance
  • The Selective Service Act – conscription of soldiers for the war
  • Liberty Bonds – borrowed billions of dollars from Americans for war
  • The Revenue Act – created income tax slavery for paying off the war debt
  • The Fourteen Points and the League of Nations – both were rejected by congress and Versailles
  • Treaty of Versailles – failed to get congressional approval
  • The Espionage Act of 1917 – created “International Security” mechanisms that led to CIA
  • The Sedition Act of 1918 – created “National Security” mechanisms that led to the FBI
  • The Federal Trade Commission Act – lowered tariffs leading to the depression
  • The Clayton Antitrust Act – encouraged robber barons
  • The Federal Farm Loan Act – supported corporate control
  • The Adamson Act – regulated workdays but did not protect children
  • Refused political sanctuary to Russia’s Nicholas II  – leading to his death
  • War Industries Board – took over American industry and gave it to his personal friends
  • Labor Unions – forced cooperation
  • The Lever Act – regulated agriculture and food production
  • National railroad system – allowed Secretary of the Treasury full control
  • Suppressed anti-draft activists – used government forces against citizens
  • The First Red Scare of 1919–1920 – expulsion of non-citizen “radicals”
  • Enforced racial segregation – throughout the military, the Treasury, and other federal offices
  • Granted autonomy to governmental department heads – authorities used their power for personal gain
  • Continued as president after a major stroke that left his wife in charge of the White House
  • Attempted to run for a third term even after the stroke


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