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“LET ME BE CLEAR”: Sean Hannity’s stern response to sexual harassment allegation

April 24, 2017

* Hannity Pledges Legal Action Against ‘Serial Harasser’ Accusing Him of Sexual Harassment
* New poll shows utterly demoralizing news for Democrats and Clinton supporters
* Thank You, Bill O’Reilly  




Fox News star and syndicated radio host Sean Hannity has issued a strong denial following a sexual harassment allegation made by attorney/blogger Debbie Schlussel, a former contributor to Hannity’s television show.

Schlussel leveled the charges against Hannity Friday during an interview with Pat Campbell, an Oklahoma radio talk show host.

The radio segment started with Campbell asking Schlussel if she experienced or witnessed any inappropriate behavior during her time at Fox News. “Only by Sean Hannity, not by Bill O’Reilly,” Schlussel replied.

Campbell jumped on that statement and asked Schlussel to explain. The lawyer proceeded to launch into a rambling, nearly eight-minute monologue with a laundry list of charges against Hannity, Fox News executive Bill Shine, Hannity’s replacement hosts and several women working at Fox News who Schlussel called “fixers for Roger Ailes.”

At the core of Schlussel’s charges, her claim Hannity attempted to get her to come to his hotel room before and after his appearance in Detroit. Schlussel alleges her refusal to accept the invitation doomed her from future appearances on Hannity’s show.

TheBlaze reached out to Hannity for comment and received the following statement.


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