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Treasonous F-tard talking sh*t … arrest her!

April 26, 2017

Globalist Pelosi claims trans-border international community supersedes US sovereignty, security

* Pelosi Caught In Disgusting Sex-Trafficking Scandal. Arrest Her Now!  



Chuck Todd engaged with his liberal Democrat comrade, Nancy Pelosi on the topic of the border wall and clearly demonstrated, as badly as liberalism has messed up his own thinking, his neural pathways are pristine by comparison.

He asks the addlebrained anti-American obstructionist, “Is there any scenario that you will support or that Democrats will help keep the government open if there is money designated to build the wall? Pelosi replies, “The Democrats do not support the wall.” Rather than speaking truthfully as to the reason, that it would effectively end their campaign of expanding their party through invasion and the destruction of America that is critical to their globalist ambitions, she shovels out some “DC” brand manure.

Pelosi says, “And I think the Republicans on the border states do not support the wall,” referring to RINOs McCain and Flake, who were part of the amnesty writing team known as the gang of eight, and John Cornyn, also a bought and paid for open borders establishment puppet. Ted Cruz is likely in favor of the wall and being mis-characterized by the lying Democrats and their media allies.

She attempts to pass responsibility for any shutdown to the Republicans, but the minority obstructionists got the blame in 2013 with Obamacare, with Ted Cruz getting eviscerated on all fronts. Why is that not to be the case again when the Democrat are being their typical obstructionist selves? Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he wanted as his first official action as Speaker in 2015. Is a GOP surrender on everything just part of how things are designed to work now in DC?


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