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ANTIFA members are NOW protesting George Soros DEMANDING their payments

April 28, 2017

Undeniable proof Soros is behind the uprisings against Trump – arrest him!


* Insane anti-Trump protesters admit they’re paid by Soros
* Deluded Trump haters can’t answer simple questions  


A video tweet posted by Beverly Hills Antifa‏ has been quoted and shows ANTIFA members DEMANDING payment for their services. The Quote Reads: “Antifa demands George Soros pay us the money he owes. Unite comrades and fight for $15/hour. #Resist”


From → World Watch

One Comment
  1. George Harwell permalink

    You’re not ‘comrade’ revolutionaries if you’re being paid a Salary by a multi-billionaire to toe a party line supported by big tech, celebrities and estblishment media… you’re a muggle bullying normal people for money

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