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Open letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan from a Pissed-Off Patriot !

May 3, 2017

* An EXCLUSIVE report by America’s Freedom Fighters *

* Conservatives call for Ryan’s head – Do you think he should step down?  


By Sean Brown @ Facebook &

Speaker RYNO,

Apparently I wasn’t the only American that felt betrayed and deeply disgusted by the new deal Congress made on the new Budget.I mean the first thought which came to mind was that Obama had been reelected after reading what was funded, and not funded in the bill.  Although I probably wouldn’t have used all of the c language that Sean Brown used in his letter that has since gone viral, I agree with everything he says in the letter.

Go f**k yourself, you worthless pile of steaming sh*t. You’re a spineless, cowardly, weak, gutless wonder who shouldn’t be allowed to call himself a Republican after everything he just did to f**k every conservative who put Trump into office and gave the GOP both Houses of Congress, the majority of state legislatures, governorships, and other elected positions, and have reduced Democrats to the smallest number of partisan seats they’ve ever held.

I’m sorry, but I don’t remain loyal to any man when that man’s policies no longer align with mine, and while I was willing to give you a chance under the new president – the president who was elected on a nationalist and populist message – you’ve just proven that you’re willing to allow us to be f**ked harder than a first-year inmate in a federal penitentiary. You literally gave the Democrats everything they wanted despite the fact the last election was a referendum on ALL of their policies, as every honest pundit has stated, and why?

So you and the other Republicans can “feel united” in leading the government.

Well that’s nice, snowflake. Now even our GOP leaders need f**king safe spaces so they can “feel” good when working together. You two-bit hacks have had a hundred days to become unified and push forward with a conservative agenda, and what have you done?

Absolutely nothing at all. In fact, you’ve caved on every major policy initiative proposed by President Trump, then wait until the most important part of his agenda – the growing and increasingly bloated budget – to finally present a united front against the Democrats, and what happens?

CONTINUE for rest of letter

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