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Paul Ryan’s TROUBLING Secret EXPOSED …

May 3, 2017

He Needs To Be Removed NOW

* Mrs. Janna Little Ryan: A Liberal running the show from the family kitchen table?by Geoff Ross @ Dr Rich Swier
* The TRUTH about Trump’s border wall funding is MUCH WORSE than thought, Ryan is A TRAITOR
* Spoiled illegal alien SCUMBAGS that skipped work to PROTEST are now doing THIS – This is out of control



House Speaker Paul Ryan has been a major opposing force for President Trump during his first 100 days, and after learning a troubling secret about him it’s evident he needs to be removed from his position immediately.

It’s no secret that Ryan has been a weak supporter of the President, at best, which was evident when he declared that he would “never” support Trump after the Access Hollywood video had leaked. As it turns out, it’s not the video that caused Ryan to be against the people’s choice for president, but instead he likely just used it as an excuse to abandon then-candidate Trump.


His wife is a “liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice,” according to Dr. Rich Swier. Swier has a blog in which he discusses numerous topics, and one of importance just happened to be the history of Janna Little Ryan, the far-left wife of our current Speaker of the House, who’s been a larger asset to the co-called #Resistance than he has conservatives who gave the GOP majorities in Congress plus the White House.

Dr. Rich Swier [Image credit: Dr. Swier]


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