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Gut Feeling about what’s going to happen next – Be Ready

May 10, 2017


Trump Chess is being played at a Chessmaster 2000 level. If you all are still wondering why Trump says things at certain times, you need to learn about the man. I won’t be teaching you that, if you don’t already know you need to catch up on that.

Democrats on the left are crooked and dumb. For decades they have relied on two different things combined to push their agenda and corruption forward

The Sleeping Masses
Establishment Politicians


But the playing field has changed you have a population (outside the far left) that is waking up and doing some critic thinking when it comes to their government. A chain reaction is happening
on the right.

Folks on the right who did not follow politics at all are now casual followers.
Folks on the right who were casual followers are now becoming Savy Followers
Folks on the right who were Savy followers are now becoming very in depth followers.

Not to tickle GLP’s balls but I have observed this reaction steadily on GLP. Casual followers are becoming quite Savvy here and Savvy followers are becoming In depth Titans.

This is what is happening to the general population on the right and much of it started in 2016.

The Globalist elites were not expecting this.


The establishment politicians are losing their stranglehold on DC. The last person to shake up Washington DC before Donald Trump was also an Actor. His name was Ronald Reagan. The Establishment hated the man. But folks began to wake up before being put back to sleep by a Globalist and a Saxophone Player.

But an awakening like this has never been seen. PRESIDENT Trump says this often. Because he knows it. We are now seeing non establishment picks being elected in Congress and really for the first time we have seen a pure outsider be elected to the Presidency. The left was not expecting this.

A word directed toward the Anti American globalists:

So those two things happened which were very unexpected,

The Russian allegations were intended to destroy Trumps chances at the Presidency. After Trump won the Presidency Obama was trying to cover his tracks by implementing a new wiretap law. But the wrongdoing was already done. The information was classified but that does no good when the guy you classified it against is now sitting in the Oval Office instead of the person you were doing it for.

The Democratic Party is in complete damage control mode led by their cronies in the mainstream media. Trying to brainwash the middle to follow them into the political battlefield.

When Trump made these allegations against Obama he knew that the release of the healthcare bill was just around the corner. He knew he was going to take major heat from the leftist media. How could he not? He’s been fighting them since he entered the political arena. This was precisely timed by President Trump. Who directed an inquiry by Congress. You will see damning Information from this inquiry.

The media is saying that the GOP is distancing themselves from Trump. Far From it they are being quiet about the allegations JUST LIKE TRUMP. It’s all apart of the plan.

If you have also noticed in the media they stated that TRUMP has not talked directly to James Comey. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS. Why would you talk about unlawful happenings to the very person who was in on it?

This has frustrated Comey. He has once again stuck his foot in his mouth. It is on good authority that Hillary, Lynch and Comey are all three involved with this as well.

On good authority.
Comey is going down.

Obama has not come directly forward either. He has had a spokesman do it for him. So when the time comes that there was a lie told, He can blame it on the spokesman that he “misspoke”.

In a current front page piece on CNN this morning

[link to]

It says Obama is Irked and Exasperated with Trump. Obama is playing the “Victim Card” and it is being pushed by the media.

Ask yourself this question.

After a far leftist liberal does something downright wrong whatever it may be. . .what is the last resort card they ALWAYS play? The Victim Card. I firmly believe Obama has been caught red handed. This is why he is so silent. Letting the media talk for him.

But the left will do it’s best to make it look like “It’s not a big deal.

It is on good authority that this will be the next move played by President Trump.

He will declassify much of the information for the inquiry in Congress to review. And have them release the information for the Public Eye. And Trump will have another “I told you so moment”

We were wondering why Sessions recused himself of the investigation into Russian allegations in the election, It’s so he can focus on FISA and the Obama leaks. I believe Trump tipped him off, and played the Trump card making the media think they were disappointed In the recusal. The exact opposite. If you are going to drain a swamp you have to beat them at their own game.

The Opening of Vault #7 during this time was no coincidence. In that release it is showing how the CIA listens in to a lot. In my opinion Julian did that to further back Trumps claim
And make it a reality that indeed the spying in American politics is very real.
There is a big reason why this information drop is not being covered by the leftist media.
It hurts their story narrative that the government is working for us.

Expect concrete damning information to be released soon. The Liberals will continue to drag feet on confirming appointments to slow down this process. This is a dangerous time for Trump, he needs to be physically careful as well as the members investigating this. I believe there will be threats.

Expect new information with Hillary Clinton involvement.

Expect a false flag of some sort in the form leading to a Riot. It is on good authority that these Berkeley riots by unknown masked men are CIA led to condition the minds for a major Riot that is planned.

Expect CIA involvement in the media being exposed to the masses.

Expect the victim card to be the narrative played by the media

Expect a counter measure against Trump very soon in the media.

Expect the Dictator card to be played when Comey goes down.

I believe Obama is planning an insurrection.

The gloves are off as stated before but the major fight is going to happen real soon. The media is going to try to make it look like Trump is on the ropes. They know it is do or die time. It’s going to get very very nasty.

Truth Crushed to Earth. . .Will Rise Again. Stay strong.


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