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The hammer is about to drop on DC elites: Panic hits after Comey firing – Report: Susan Rice demands immunity

May 15, 2017

Drain the Swamp!



Mike Cernovich dropped a massive bombshell yesterday while guest hosting for Alex Jones at InfoWars, stating that after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, his sources contacted him to reveal that Susan Rice’s lawyers have now reached out to the FBI to request immunity, because she is “terrified.”

Two points here before we get to the bigger picture and how DC elites are in full-out panic mode after Comey’s dismissal.

One– Cernovich was the first to reveal that it was Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice that “unmasked,” American citizens names, specifically members of Donald Trump’s campaign during the election cycle, and; Two– That members of the media, including Bloomberg News and the New York Times, had the full story but were sitting on it, which was confirmed approximately 14 hours after Cernovich blew the story wide open, when Bloomberg rushed to publish their own article on it the next morning. (ANP reported on both those items here and here)

In early May 2017 it was reported that Rice has refused to testify before Congress about Russian activities during the 2016 election campaign, which brought about an immediate response from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, who appeared on ‘America’s Newsroom’ on Fox News, and said “There are other ways to invite people other than via a letter. There are things called subpoenas. You shouldn’t have to use them with a former national security adviser, but if you do, you do.”

Rice has not denied she unmasked American citizens names, but she has denied in interviews that it was done for political purposes.

Below, Cernovich asserts that Comey was an “agent of the Deep State,” who has been protecting Obama, Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner, the Clintons, Loretta Lynch, and others, including Susan Rice. Then he drops his bombshell about Rice’s lawyers reaching out to request immunity, apparently in exchange for testimony.

The timing here is critical when we consider that if this new revelation is true, Rice’s lawyers are scrambling to get an immunity deal in place while the acting director, Andrew McCabe is still in charge, since Comey’s firing, as we see a new report from NewsWeek shows that McCabe’s time in that position may also be limited because he is also under investigation over the Clinton emails…. meaning if Rice doesn’t get her deal now, she may never get one.

Those concerns came after revelations by media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, that a political action committee affiliated with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, contributed almost $500,000 to the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign of McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe. (She lost the election.) She also received $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is connected to McAuliffe, a Democrat.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, wrote a letter to Comey on March 28 expressing concerns about McCabe’s involvement in the Clinton emails matter, given the donations that his wife received. “These circumstances undermine public confidence in the FBI’s impartiality,” Grassley wrote.

Listen to Cernovich below before we move on to the absolute hysteria and panic from DC elites since the Comey firing and how that may just have been the beginning, because the hammer is getting ready to drop on all of their heads.


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