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Anonymous FBI insider answers questions from readers and viewers of VL

May 20, 2017

Very Insightful, Very Revealing



We are fortunate and grateful to work with some really great insiders who want the truth to come out about the inner workings of our governments.  FBI Anon, most known for showing up on 4Chan from time to time with his AMA, has agreed to allow our audience to ask questions.

Here are the questions and answers:

TOM asked:  The news is exploding that Trump shared intel with Russians from an “ally” in the middle east and the ally is very upset. This is in regards to an Isis plot regarding airplanes and laptops.

A:  The “ally” not being named is Israel, and they are mad as hell at Trump.  Israel is furious because they got caught with their pants down. Lets get to the point. Isis was created by Israel and the US to weaken Iran and topple Assad. Billions in profits at stake. Israel has developed the technology to remote control airlines via laptops. A false flag was being prepared. Trump discussed it with Russian officials,exposing the “plot” McMaster pitched, and now all hell has broken loose. Trump did a wonderful thing in my opinion.  We do not need anymore Isis false flags.  

If Isis is eradicated, it will decrease CIA and DOD budgets, limit the amount of “support” Israel receives, and cause disruptions in the grand scheme to build a massive pipeline through Syria and ultimately cause the downfall of Iran and Russia. This is why “Isis” is being kept alive by the NWO. This is why such “bold” and “frightening” plots must be continually fed to the people. To justify larger budgets, and bigger hegemony.

Russia is actually our only hope, along with Trump, that this diabolical system can be broken, shattered, as JFK once said, into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind.

The technology to remotely control and crash commercial airliners was developed by Unit 8200, the Israeli cyber command. Does any thinking person actually believe rag tag militants would have the know how and resources to develop this technology? Give me a break. While we are at it, you may want to see how close the Russian MetroJet 9268 was to Unit 8200 when it went down. Tensions between Israel and Russia continue to grow by the day. Putin knows every trick in the Israeli arsenal and he just happens to be a much better chess player than Netanyahu.

DONNA asked: Is there a statute of limitations on the Benghazi issue or the email issues involving HRC? If so, what is it?

A:  If immunity has been breeched, and this is a matter for legal minds,then technically, immunity can be withdrawn. Say Ms Mill’s lied, or Huma was granted immunity. Immunity is predicated on full and credible disclosure.

GILLIAN asked: Is the FBI investigating the Awan brothers Democratic spy ring being laid out so masterfully by George Webb?

A:  I am unable to comment on this matter.

CAROLINE asked: Was there more to Obama’s month-long trip to Tahiti than just a ‘vacation’? As there were rumors of drug trafficking and/or other corrupt negotiations.

A:  There will come a time when the acts of the former president will be under review, but the time is not now.  It is believed that a reopening and broadened investigation into both the Clinton Foundation and HRC may lead to multiple “smoking guns”. Things are fluid now with Comey gone and McCabe putting out fires daily.

MICHELLE asked: How does FBI rank and file feel about Comey’s firing?

A:  In public, mixed feelings;  but privately, many of us are pleased. The rank and file feel like trained fight dogs waking up to the sound of gunfire and realizing they are muzzled. The agency has been politically weaponized.

Most of us know how hard the agency worked to dismantle the Hoover era political tradecraft and to see it alive and well is disheartening. If we were given a mandate to investigate DC in its entirety, you could see 70% of your politicians being indicted.The Rank and File want nothing more than to see Americans witness that nobody, no matter how powerful, is above the law. I felt Comey was a good guy, but now feel he was compromised and did a disservice to the nation on July 5th 2016.

ANON asked: Has anything happened inside the FBI since Comey’s firing involving talks of knowing Comey’s involvement with the Clintons?

A:  Yes. There may be news regarding McCabe within months, if not sooner.

LAWNA asked: Is the FBI working on the mystery surrounding the deaths and disappearances of holistic health care professionals?


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