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Thuggish brat Gideon Yapp demands grade changed from F to Passing

May 30, 2017

Here’s what happens when America is held hostage by Libtards. They behave like the world owes it to them.

* Full Report – Shocking moment a high school student calls his Asian science teacher a ‘n****r’ during a vile racist outburst
* High school student goes on insane racist rant against Asian teacher  

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  1. TJGirl permalink

    This kid needed someone twice as big as him to forcibly remove him from that setting by his scrawny neck, for all the rest of his laughing classmates to see. Unbelievable. I can’t imagine someone having this level of utter disrespect for a teacher. Agghh, awful!

    I certainly sympathize with teachers who face these situations.. it can’t be easy.

    And while I’m at it, since this mouthy jerk WILL certainly google himself: GIDEON YAPP NEEDS A BRA

  2. walt permalink

    libtards??? his parents are trump lovers!!! do some research before posting

    • Walt,
      His parents may be Trump lovers but his behaviour suggests he’s a Libtard. His parents would be horrified by his action.

      • noowe permalink

        Actually his behavior suggest he is a Contard. After all reTHUGLIETARDS accuse liberals and Democrats of being “snowflakes” who are kind and accepting of all races, sexualities and political ideologies, therefore this could not possibly be Liberal or democratic behavior. Only Contards and reTHUGLIECONs react in this manner.

    • Mike permalink

      He attended a private Baptist school called “Lancaster Baptist School” in Lancaster, California. That school / church is part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist denomination which is anti-science, anti-gay, misogynist and anti-liberal.

      His parents are raving Trump supporters to boot! <<>>

  3. Kevin permalink

    I’m sure that with his derogatory name calling and coupled with the failing grade this young punk would be your typical right winger, how does his actions in any way resemble that of a liberal?

    • Kevin,
      A Liberal typically behaves as though the world owes it to him/her – just cannot accept failure. A Trumper would believe in meritocracy and take it in the chin. Hell yeah, this young man has no manners, humility and he’s vile … just like a Liberal, an outright left-winger.

      • noowe permalink

        You have everything reversed. A conservative behaves as though the world owes him/her everything and cannot accept failure. A Trumper believes in white supremacy and the rich elite receiving a step up over and above anyone of color or anyone of a lower economic or financial class. This child has no manners or humility and expects to be given an A without having to perform any work and blames a non white person for his lack of effort. Just like a Conservative, an outright right-winger. Please get your facts straight on this because it sounds like you are either living in a bizarro reverse world where everything is backward and inside out or you are a Russian Troll working for Putin to incite confusion and disinformation into social media. How many ruples do you get to be a communist agent and spread disinformation across the internet?

  4. beuschman permalink

    “His parents may be Trump lovers but his behaviour suggests he’s a Libtard. His parents would be horrified by his action.”

    Oh yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Superimpose Trump’s orange face over this kid’s and add about 150 pounds and you’ve got The Donald acting true to form. Pretty pitiful argument, ewoon.

    • Beuschman,
      You have exposed yourself to be a moron. C’mon argue your case with some intelligence, please.

      • noowe permalink

        You have exposed yourself as a Russian agent of disinformation and an alt right internet troll. As of this point your replies are suspect and you are considered a non person.
        Please exit the internet and suck on your Makarov.

        • noowe …
          Still not enough covfefe, yet! You’ve now morphed into Gideon Yapp and sounding like him.

  5. Steve Newton permalink

    “Here’s what happens when America is held hostage by Libtards and they behave like the world owes it to them.” Imposing your own biases and narrative on this situation is totally irresponsible, uninformed, divisive and ignorant. Your comment only detracts from what it means to be a human being. What you have just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent statement were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read it. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Hey Steve,
      I arrive at my conclusion after years of observing what’s been happening in America (if you noticed most of my postings referenced mostly American ones in origin) and since crooked, lieing, murderous, treasonous Hillary lost in the 2016 general election America’s ‘insanely idiotic’ character is exposed even more – and I am referring to the Liberals et al.

      I would submit a 20-word comment in this post is hardly rambling nor incoherent – unless your understanding of English differs from mine. I am sorry your feeble brain is easily dumbed-down after having read what you’ve read here. I have read tons of sh*t from America yet I have not been brain-washed one bit. TQ.

      • Steve Newton permalink

        ewoon: if you think using derogatory words (Libtard, lying, murderous, treasonous, feeble-brained, idiotic) advances knowledge or civil discourse in any way, we have little in common. However, I need to point out that my last two sentences are parodies, from the comedy film Billy Madison. Perhaps that is too esoteric–I have not seen the movie, but that scene is on the internet a lot. Peace

        • Hello Steve,
          Cease and desist, you’ll get dumber by visiting this blog ;)

  6. The Racist Family goes to the following Church. Gideon Brother is Robert Yapp Jr.
    Brother asking everyone to remove the video.

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