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How Qatar, Trump leaks, ComeyGate, Iran and Seth Rich murder are all connected

June 9, 2017


(ZurichTimes] It is turning out to be more and more bizarre and confusing by the day. Things are moving so fast we hardly have a chance to digest the latest news before something else grabs the headline.

Below is a short summary of how Qatar, FBI Comey, Wikileaks, Trump Insider Leaks, Reality Winner Arrest, Qatar, Pipelines, Pedophile, PizzaGate, Podesta, Hillary, Clinton Foundation, and the Seth Rich Murder Investigation are all inter-related and connected.

Yes that was a long list and we may have even missed a few actors, but watch these two videos below as a starting point.

Summary of Events thus far;

  • Reality Winner was in fact working for a CIA cover agency called Pluribus International Corporation and was in fact in based in Qatar as an Military Analyst and spoke 4 languages – English, Farsi, Pashto and Dari. So not a typical young Blonde in the Military just looking for a job in that sense, but a rather covertly qualified young lady who was rabidly ant-Trump. Good cover to use her as a cover story to keep the Russian Election Interference Dossier Narrative going a little bit longer. And of course Reality Winner is a Mockery in Reverse of the CNN Fake News memes that has now gone mainstream. If this young lady turns out to be a young boy or a secret agent for the Muslim Brotherhood you were warned here first.


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