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The dismantling of the cabal

June 10, 2017

Neil Keenan Update, June 8, 2017


Financially / Economically – Piece by piece, step by step, we are closing in on what makes the cabal tick tock, tick tock …


Have you ever played a sport where you had someone on the ropes and were about ready to put things away when you gave them a slight second to catch their breath, only to find there is so much more behind their second wind where you abruptly lose your steam?

This is where we now precariously find ourselves in the Western Hemisphere as world events heat up far above and beyond the status quo.

There is no question the Cabal is on the ropes, but they are still attempting to work their way out of their current predicament.

They have their people continually moving surreptitiously with desperate hopes of finding  ways out of the very swamps they so cleverly (or so they thought) created for themselves.

It is our job to finish them off once and for all! No second chances, as there have already been too many chances.

Just imagine how viciously cold and calculating they’ve been to what they consider our weaknesses: They mistake kindness and compassion for weakness, and they expect their own who still continue to live among us to assure them of safe passage.

Do we allow them such privileges when we know full well their utter lack of humanity and insane greed on the planet as well as their ongoing genocide? Or do we strip them naked and force them to stand before We The People and receive their long overdue justice?

In 1965 the song Eve of Destruction was published, and while this song applied to the East at the time, it seemed even then that the shoe should have been put on the other foot… that of the heavily corrupt West.

Now, however, today the once “invincible” Cabal is stuck mightily between a rock and a hard place so such a song really does apply to those who’ve stolen for so long with impunity from the East as well as by any means from other world inhabitants.

Long-suffering victims of the Cabal, too numerous to mention, can look back into history and see how destructive and sociopathic the Cabal has been and how it continues to wreck havoc even up, to this present day.

The members of the Cabal consider everything on the planet to be their own, including humanity (as Hillary so coldly described some of us as the “deplorables”). Tragically, everywhere you look you see their criminal markings and colossal interference.

It is not time for us to relent or stop to rest, but, rather we must continue to move strongly united and courageously forward, never giving them a chance to breathe while we strip them of their arrogance and blatant criminality.

We must also immediately and forthrightly lend assistance and support to people such as USA President Donald Trump, Hungarian President Janos Ader, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the newly elected South Korean President Moon, a good man and no relation to that Cabal piece of crap known as Ban Ki-moon.

Many hands are needed in our diligent quest to take down what we’ve come to know as the “New World Order”. At times it may be hard to distinguish “who is who”, but the leaders listed above are a good solid team, fighting fire with fire and winning at doing so despite the lies and subterfuge of the MSM.


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