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Mental illness becoming a worldwide epidemic

July 19, 2017

* “Is The Left F**king Nuts?” Brett Easton Ellis slams Hollywood Libs after dinner confrontation
* Maxine Waters’ Twitter account reveals new levels of craziness
* People outside the U.S. hate Trump. Will they punish their leaders for working with him?
* Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?
* Donald Trump Drives the Media Crazy 

The disease greatly manifested itself
after November 8, 2016


Those afflicted around the world continue
to spread their ludicrous and bizarre insanity,
and their reasoning is shockingly as lunatic,
their behaviour horrifically mad.


the trigger that keeps exposing
these rabid crazies, cuckoos, loonies or flakes
takes only this …

Hell yeah, it’s
– President Donald J. Trump –
and he alone is driving them all to lose their minds!


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