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Donald Trump great interviews – over 30 years – before he became President

July 30, 2017

A peek into the mind of the man and the making of a president

* One man against the world, almost  


Donald Trump did not need the job to be president but felt the burden to take it on out of sheer love for his country. To him it was personal. It was fueled by his desire to give back to America – because America had given so much to him and made him into the success that he is and it was time to return the favour.

The other over-aching reason though that drove Trump to take on the challenge was what disturbed him down to his soul. He saw a America that was mindlessly destroying itself … a America where the opportunity to live the American dream, especially for ordinary working-class Americans, that was greatly at risk of being extinguished. That, he could not accept and he was not going to sit by and watch it happen. On June 16, 2015, he decided it was time to act and thus began his journey towards accomplishing what most would consider impossible.

Trump announced he would be running for president and would also be funding his own campaign. He then rallied the people together – which unexpectedly and surprisingly turned into a movement – and against all odds took on a very corrupt, lawless and entrenched establishment that had the power and money, means and resources to do anything and everything that it could to ensure he would not succeed.

The politicians, supporters and talking-heads all laughed at him and brushed him off as a joke. The greatest mistake they made was they under-estimated his smart and they blinked. And they all got trumped on November 8, 2016. They are not laughing now but have morphed into squealing, quaking, jabbering, disruptive lunatics! Worse, they have also become very dangerous and will not hesitate to assassinate him like they did John F Kennedy.

As much as America needs a chance to be rid of crony politics and be safe, happy and prosperous once more, the world also needs a reset to arrest the rot that is worsening. The only way the world CAN achieve this is for America to show and lead the way – by bucking the status quo and stopping the evil agendas of the satanist globalists who are hell-bent on destroying planet Earth and enslaving humanity.

America right now may just have the man at the helm to do it.

Despite his seeming unconventional, unpredictable ways, judging by what he has achieved within months in office – which is unprecedented in American history – Trump  is doing a mighty fine job. What is particularly refreshing and impressive is, from the get go, he wastes no time in delivering on his promises … unlike almost all politicians before him who would lie to your face to get into office and once in would also surreptitiously begin the process to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Pray for Trump. He needs every help he can get to enure he can press on with his mission to make things great again … for you, for your family and for your country. God bless you and Donald Trump.

Videos of more recent times …

For those who are less informed …

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