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Very Fake News just doesn’t get it – still out of touch, still in denial, still trapped in ‘let’s fake it’ bubble

July 31, 2017

CNN’s Zakaria reports “The U.S. is ‘becoming irrelevant’ under Trump

Our reply: The opposite is true, dumbass – The rest of the world is ‘becoming irrelevant’ to the U.S. under Trump! Because most these countries are under the control of the satanic globalists.

* Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections


Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” host Fareed Zakaria said that under the leadership of President Donald Trump, America was “becoming irrelevant” to the rest of the world.

He said, “The world has gone through bouts of anti-Americanism before. But this one feels very different. First, there is the sheer shock at what is going on, the bizarre candidacy of Donald Trump, which has been followed by an utterly chaotic presidency.”

Citing a recent Pew study, he continued, “People around the world increasingly believe that they can make do without America. Trump’s presidency has made the U.S. something worse than being feared or derided. It is becoming irrelevant.”

He added, “In 2008, I wrote a book about the emerging ‘Post-American World,’ which, I noted at the start, was not about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of the rest. Amid the parochialism, ineptitude and sheer disarray of the Trump presidency, the post-American world is coming to fruition much faster than I ever expected.”


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