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How to avoid Criminal Charges and Cestui Que Vie

August 4, 2017

… when you are  IN  AT court

* Cestui Que Vie, pronounced cess-tooi kay vee, means ‘proof of life’

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*IN court – means you as a PERSON is a member/part of the court (society/corporation) system and therefore its codified statutes aka legalese CAN be applied on you
*AT court – means thou as a man is merely ‘visiting’ the court and is NOT a member of the society and therefore its legalese CANNOT be applied on thee

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How to avoid Criminal Charges and Cestui Que Vie

You must understand that most courts now are councils of witchcraft!

There are 3 important things that witches use:  Fear, Name, Identity.

If you have been in a courtroom, one thing you’ll find is that the judge always, always needs a name to proceed. (Judge: “Please state your name.”)

The court uses a lot of the Latin language, just like the Roman Catholic Church.

Notice how the witches in the ‘Harry Porter’ movies use Latin for their spells?

Latin is an important language for witchcraft!

A warlock priest of Saturn (i.e. a judge) must have your name to summon you, order you, steal your identity and get you to incriminate yourself, etc.

If you COMPLY regarding your name (as indicated in your Birth Certificate / Citizenship / School Certificate / Social Security / Passport / Identity Card / Driving Licence / Bank Account / Bank Card / Credit Card, etc.), YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST AND YOU CERTAINLY WON’T WIN.

But if you don’t give your name you’ll go to jail.


If you represent yourself, and you speak about yourself in the THIRD PERSON!

When the judge asks for your name you must always, always ask back:
“Are you referring to the Trust (cestui que vie) of [your name e.g. JOHN DOE]?

= “Are you referring to the Trust of JOHN DOE?”

Often, you should answer a question with another question.

You must understand that YOUR NAME IS A TRUST, and it has money attached to it, which you have  LITTLE  NO ACCESS to.

A Trust has 3 persons: Beneficiary, Trustee and Executor.

Legally, one person cannot act as all 3 in a Trust.

The judge is supposed to be a Public Trustee acting for the state, defendant, plaintiff, etc.

But the judge (a pseudo judge) wants to trick you into switching your rightful role.

A Trustee can only take orders.

The judge and/or prosecutor wants to fool you into being the Trustee of your own Trust (cestui que vie) account.

You must declare:
“[your name e.g. JOHN DOE] is indeed in the courtroom.”
= “JOHN DOE is indeed in the courtroom.”

When your name is called, never never answer, “here” or “present” or “that’s me” or raise your hand, etc.

You must not be the Trustee. You must assert your position as BENEFICIARY!

You must then say to the judge:
“You (or the clerk) are appointed the Trustee of this account (case), are you not?”
= “You or the clerk are appointed the Trustee of this account, are you not?”

Then you say:
“I am the Beneficiary (and Executor) in this case (cestui que vie trust account), am I not?”
= “I am the Beneficiary and Executor in this case, am I not?”

This lets the judge know that you know your true status.

If you don’t do this, you are giving tacit (silent) permission for the judge (or prosecutor) to take your role of Beneficiary/Executor.

And you are putting yourself in the position of Trustee.

The Trustee can then be ordered to do anything, even go to jail!

The Cestui Que Vie Trust is established by BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

And many know that the birth certificate is actually a monetized document that has trade value.

The courts (i.e. witchcraft rings) know that every person has a hidden Trust attached to him/her.

The courts use the monetary value of these Trusts against the PERSON ‘YOU’.

The courts almost always operate with the motive of making money.

Whoever raises charges (plaintiff) must pay for the use of the court.

So, lawyers and judges trick defendants into giving tacit approval to use money of their own legal Trust (cestui que vie) to cover court costs and then even jail costs.

Once the judge and/or prosecuting lawyer see that you are aware of their trickery, they will most likely throw your case out.

They do this because they no longer have any financial motive.

You have taken away their covert use of your own (hidden) money.

Remember, this all hinges on HOW YOU HANDLE YOUR OWN NAME.

What you are doing is keeping yourself shielded from most criminal charges.

For anything short of murder or serious theft, the worst that can happen is that your case will be moved from criminal to civil or common law court.

If charges are serious enough, judges and lawyers have political career motives to try you in a common law court.

Remember the courts almost always practice ancient witchcraft going back to Babylon.

There are some variations on the roles the court will take.

Remember, witches act like demons, possessing bodies and taking false identities.

Sometimes the court clerk acts as Trustee and the prosecutor acts as Executor.

The judge may act as administrator, but then the prosecuting lawyer STEALS the role of Beneficiary from the defendant.

The important thing is that YOU NEVER ACT AS TRUSTEE. The Trustee has no control.

Many don’t realize that courts are based on Masonic, Roman Catholic, Kabbalistic or Babylonian witchcraft.

It has clerks (clerics) and priests of Saturn in black (judges).

The word ‘prosecutor’ really refers to identity theft.

Prosecutor really means to ‘stand in the place of another’s skin’. ‘Pro se’ is place of and ‘cutor’ is skin.

This is not what your dictionary will say – it’s controlled also by the witchcraft gate-keepers.

A ‘summons’ really refers to demons.

A court ‘writ’ is like a church writ or bull.

‘Cestui que vie’ means ‘proof of life’.

This goes back to the Cestui Que Vie Trust Act of 1666 in Britain.

Before that it goes back to baptismal records of the Roman Catholic Church.

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