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Everything you know is a lie – everything!

August 5, 2017

Can you handle the truth?

* 100% proof 9/11 was done using holograms and Directed Energy Weapons
* Harvard: Un-vaccinated children pose Zero risk
* 25 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true – #12 is unbelievable
* Anti-vaccine parents face unprecedented crackdown worldwide[Govts are complicit in the scam bec they’ve been bribed by BigPharma] 


The following videos cover only a tiny tip of the hidden iceberg of truths – but it’s a start to begin a journey of mind-blowing awakenings. This blogger’s first real awakening began after the Y2K scam and further intensified with the 9/11 event. After years of research and study, this blogger can now categorically state: for one to really understand the size and depth of the lies that had been foisted on humanity, one has to begin at one’s birth through to the birth certificate, vaccinations, dental care and so on and so forth. Not forgetting also to go as far back at least about the creation of the Cestui Que Vie (pronounced ces-tui k v) Act of 1666 in Britain and realize that basically 13 connected satanist families control everything in the world.

It’s a given this journey of awakening would not be without ‘pain’. Be aware of the inconveniences it will bring as one attempts to share the truths with families and friends – one will surely be laughed at and labelled as ‘another conspiracy theorist’! Just take it on the chin and smile. Remember, if one could only expose – above all else – the LIE about the ‘benefits of vaccinations’ and help parents of a new baby save their bundle of joy from being most probably time-bombed with autism and other sicknesses that would surface during his/her lifetime … the jibes one has received would have been a small price to pay.

Why does this particular truth top the list? Because a new born baby CANNOT protect himself/herself but informed parents can do it for their babies! This blogger believes this truth alone must be passed on from generation to generation without fail, to help families avoid potential years of pain, suffering and misery. Big Pharma is pure evil and the so-called ‘educated’ doctors in their white lab-overalls are mostly their dumbed-down lackeys. There’s no money in ‘cures’ but on-going ‘treatments’ will ensure a steady stream of guaranteed revenues and bonuses and the sooner Big Pharma can inject a new born with their poisons the sooner they would have that life for good. Heck, if repeat business is assured wholesale milking of patients and their families dry till the patients expire there could not have been a better business model.

There’s more that could have been expounded on this particular lie but one logically gets the picture. It’s time for one to embark on one’s own journey of  examining the interweaving layer upon layer of lies. Have a wonderful journey.

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