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David Wilcock’s brakes sabotaged: Was it the Dark Alliance?

August 17, 2017

* FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ David Wilcock : The Dark Alliance
* Corey Goode: Dark Alliance in Panic Mode – Threatens my family, David Wilcock’s life, and legal entrapments  

“I had reported that there were teams of US Special Forces that were conducting “domestic surveillance and investigations” of a Satanic group that had infiltrated all aspects of government agencies and the military.

These Special Forces teams have been in place since the middle of the election cycle.” – David Wilcock



The main cylinder of David Wilcock’s brakes mysteriously died at 2:15 PM on Friday, August 11th, 2017, after a massive wave of attacks had already occurred.

The last time his brakes died like this was when he was driving to the Disclosure Project event on May 10, 2001, in rush-hour Washington DC traffic.

Had this happened just a few minutes earlier in the Topanga mountains, it could very easily have caused a fatality. The brake pedal went all the way to the floor with no response.

This is a war, and on the personal level it just went red-hot. Given the surrounding cluster of threats we have gotten, this does not seem to be coincidental.

We are going on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church this Wednesday night to address the almost ridiculous number of attacks coming our way all at once.

It is logical to conclude that “something big” must be on the way in order for this much disruption to be occurring.

We have chosen to refer to the group orchestrating these attacks, both on and off-line, as the “Dark Alliance.” There are a few key players and a relatively small group of minions.

The lower-level action-takers in this Dark Alliance have no idea of how strongly they are being manipulated, nor do they understand the endgame.


The fifth-most popular movie on Amazon Video right now is, amazingly enough, American Media and the Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

We just watched it last night, simply because we were fascinated as to how a low-budget indie conspiracy film could have shot all the way up to number five.

Although it has some weak points, such as a certain amount of pixelated video, overall it is quite a damning presentation of real evidence.

This is precisely the type of film that we will expect to see in massive numbers once the positive Alliance, as we have called it, scores critical victories against the Cabal.

It talks about the story of Jim Garrison, who somehow managed to break through an almost complete media monopoly to reveal the truth of the JFK assassination.

He was able to do this on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Real People.

The official cover-up in the Warren Commission report was very badly botched, and many who tried to expose the truth were systematically killed off.

The government ultimately was forced to admit that the assassination was not carried out the way the Warren Commission cover-up had concluded.

They reluctantly indicated that some hidden conspiracy had indeed been involved in the murder — without going into details.

This movie does a great job of re-packaging a wealth of information about the JFK assassination that had otherwise gotten lost in the sands of time.

We just lost Jim Marrs recently, who was one of the greatest scholars of the Kennedy assassination, and who also appears as a younger man in the movie.

I am still greatly saddened by Jim’s loss, and am glad that I had him on my panels at Contact in the Desert last year and in other years as well.


The movie goes into extensive detail describing how the CIA managed to overtake the nation’s media in the aftermath of Kennedy’s open-air shooting.

This media-infiltration program, as you probably already know, was called Operation Mockingbird.

The details of Operation Mockingbird were openly revealed by the acting director of the CIA during Congressional hearings in the 1970s.

We see footage where he confirms that the CIA had paid assets planted throughout the American media, actively steering the discourse.

The film explains that the code name Mockingbird was a tongue-in-cheek joke.

The “bird” they were mocking was the American mascot, the bald eagle — and the alleged freedom it represents for the American people.

We somehow went from over 1,900 different media outlets in 1963 to almost all “mainstream media” now being controlled by only five corporations.

The majority of all news that emerges from the “mainstream media” is pre-approved, if not planted by the CIA before it ever sees the light of day.


These same Cabal agents have now infiltrated outlets such as Google, Facebook and Apple News to a stunning degree as well.

Most of the links people try to send me on Facebook now come up with a red exclamation mark and the message “This attachment could not be loaded.”

In other cases, the above words do not appear and I simply see the red exclamation mark and a blank red box. See the images below for a few examples.

I should film this some time, because the degree to which this is now happening in the Facebook messages I receive is utterly ridiculous.

This is not normal behavior. This is absolute desperation. There is no “plausible deniability.” It is obvious Mockingbird censorship, plain and simple:

As a result of how upsetting this is to me, I have largely avoided looking at Facebook except on small occasions when I meditate and prepare for it.

I know this censorship is very real, but being reminded of it day after day is demoralizing.


Things truly went into the Twilight Zone before the 2016 US election, when anyone speaking out against tyranny became labeled as “Fake News” and blocked.

As you probably know by now, unless you use a filtering service like Gmail, you will get so much spam you cannot even function.

I have identified countless terms people can use in emails that will cause them to auto-route into either Spam or Trash on Gmail.

This, again, is a consequence of the unconstitutional “Fake News” ban, which insiders say was solely created in an attempt to stop Pedogate news from spreading.

I have missed many valuable letters from partners and associates as a result of this nearly all-consuming censorship. I have to check these folders regularly.

The methods I have just described are only a handful of many that are now being actively used.

Friends of mine who watch Pizzagate videos tell me that it is much, much harder to find them now than it was before. You really have to go digging.

These stories are being “Buried” because these Mockingbird-controlled internet giants have determined that it is too dangerous for you to see “Fake News.”

If you become labeled as Fake News, you have no recourse. We all have to work harder to make sure that critical information is not being suppressed.


Another prominent recent example of the Cabal over-playing their hand was in the massive suppression of the hit counter on a recent viral video.

A team called Super Deluxe made a parody of Alex Jones discussing Pedogate-type subjects. His voice was then replaced by an indie folk singer with guitar.

This is not only hilarious and very cleverly done, it is also a catchy song that will likely get stuck in your head for weeks. Be forewarned!

“Potbelly Goblins,” or whatever you want to call it, was so popular that in four weeks it has generated hundreds, if not thousands of knock-off videos in various styles and genres.


Although some interpreted this as an attack piece against Alex Jones, it actually served as a mass, cathartic release of frustration for millennials.

Many in this generation are now well aware of Pedogate and the deep ugliness that exists, and this song definitely helps you process the emotions with humor.

Millions suddenly realized Alex was talking stridently and openly about the many uncomfortable things they had recently learned.

The video went stunningly viral on the day it was released, July 14th, 2017. According to many commenters, it racked up seven million views in that first day.

Alex Jones referred to there being seven million views on this video in an announcement he made the next day, at the 1:19 point.


Hundreds of thousands were shocked to watch as the hit counter suddenly plunged to 1.5 million, or thereabouts, and stayed there.

I was reading the comments. No one could believe what they had just witnessed.

For me this was just another example of our new Mockingbird standard of internet censorship by the Giants.

Even now, a full month later, it has barely edged above 2 million and has apparently had several more “edits” to its viewing numbers, as countless comments reveal.

If you find a screen capture someone took with the higher hit counter, send it along and we will post it up here.


The “Pedogate” investigation has revealed that a small, highly-organized group of people are deeply involved in what we would think of as acts of evil.

This includes rape, torture and murder of adults and children. In some cases this occurs in ritual contexts — literally involving robes, candles and so on.

It does seem quite crazy, but Luciferian symbolism is being openly advertised through many different forms of controlled Mockingbird media.

We have rigorously documented this in music videos, the Grammy awards, the Super Bowl half-time show and the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.

A great deal of additional new material was presented last December in Endgame: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal.

The single best website exposing the rampant “Illuminati” symbolism in music videos is, in my opinion, Vigilant Citizen.

Skeptics, faced with incontrovertible evidence, think this symbolism is just an attempt by the industry elites to appear “edgy” and “cool.” It is far more than that.

I also consider it “required reading” that you study Financial Tyranny; CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve; and Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal.

This is enough material to fill several college classes, if not to become a BA in Conspiracy Analysis — and it is all free online for you to read.


In principle I support religious freedom. If you want to think God is the Flying Spaghetti Monster and you are not hurting anyone, that’s your choice.

The problem is that these Cabal people are very involved in practicing black magic and what most people would call satanism.

It is a essentially a worldwide nightmare that, up until recently, few were even willing to consider as being the truth because it was so horrific.

Even worse, the Cabal has incessanly pushed for any of a variety of strategies to “depopulate” the planet.

As they revealed in the infamous “Georgia Guidestones” manifesto, they want to reduce human life on earth to as little as half a billion people.

Our intel reveals that the following is just a short list of all the strategies that they have been attempting to implement:

  • Nuclear war
  • Viral pandemics
  • Chemical spills
  • Depleted uranium munitions
  • “Weaponized” foods and vaccines
  • Engineered economic collapse
  • Martial law
  • Internment camps
  • Deliberately-provoked wars
  • Weather disasters
  • ‘Natural’ catastrophes, and even:
  • A faked alien invasion.


For years now we have reported how benevolent extraterrestrial humans are systematically preventing the Cabal from accomplishing any of the “big stuff.”

Apollo astronaut and American hero Edgar Mitchell spoke about this extensively. I covered it in Disclosure Showdown. The good ETs will simply not allow us to have a nuclear war.

Given that Alex Jones was leaking intel that mass starvation, martial law and FEMA camps were imminent all the way back in 1995, it is amazing that nothing has happened in all this time.

Pete Peterson was given advance warning about 9/11, as were others, and the hope or expectation was that all of these things would have resulted from it.

I have personally been subject to countless briefings warning of this sort of scenario. Yet, the positive efforts to stop it work so well that I label it all as “fear porn.”

A few great examples of “divine intervention” becoming very obvious in our headlines can be found in the China’s October Surprise series and Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed. 


In the far more esoteric category, reliable insiders have told me the Cabal has vast cloning facilities. I have no proof of this, but here is what I have heard.

They have actually designed ‘zombies’ that are a type of biological robot, complete with control circuitry in their heads to steer their behavior.

The clones are not very intelligent, can only perform very basic tasks, and only live for a short time once activated. Otherwise they lie in stasis chambers.

These entities have a virus that causes them to bleed out of every orifice as well as their fingernails, and if they scratch you, it leads to a fatality.

There is no contagious virus that can make others turn into carriers. They simply have different biology that is very lethal to the rest of us.


Many people from the surface are now living underground in any of about 250 known cities that are very large, holding up to 65,000 people each.

Multiple insiders have confirmed the details of this vast underground build-out to me. It was originally designed for the elites to survive a nuclear war.

This sort of massive construction project is part of why the entire planet is now suffering a massive, largely unacknowledged economic depression.

All of our money had to go somewhere. Once you go digging for it, you find that the money created vast cities underground… and elsewhere.

These cities were populated starting with the “Brain Drain” back in the 1950s.

Some people are recruited, whereas others are straight-ahead kidnapped and become missing persons.

Some of these cities are simulated to look like the real thing — so you think you are in a house in the sububrbs, and can go take a walk outside, et cetera.

With some basic hypnotic programming, a cloned person could be absolutely convinced they were living a normal, everyday surface life.

They might have amnesia around the circumstances that led to them getting where they are — just like we see in the original Total Recall film.


We have heard that “zombie” simulations are run in these cities where the victims are clones, who think they are living a normal surface life.

The programmed zombies are released. The relative success or failure in how many people die from it is meticulously studied as a “simulation.”

Each major type of population center on earth’s surface has corresponding simulated environments underground… whether cities, suburbs or countryside.

Hidden cameras monitor everything that goes on and detailed meta-analyses of the results are conducted via supercomputers.

After 24 hours, the entire simulation is gassed and everyone in it, zombie, survivor or otherwise, dies. I found this quite surprising and disappointing.

The set is cleared, any messes are cleaned up and repaired, and before long the stage is set for another simulation to be run again.

Apparently the Cabal sees no value in keeping any survivors alive, and they are not bred to live very long anyway.

If this sounds like the makings of a good horror movie, you would not be mistaken. In fact, it’s already been done … repeatedly.


The “Resident Evil” movies feature so much classified information about this that one of my insiders gets PTSD just from trying to watch them.

I do not recommend seeing them unless you can stomach very disturbing zombie horror films, complete with numerous death scenes.

They are not gratuitously gory as a general rule, but the overall feeling of dread requires you to stay positive and balanced as you watch.

These films have far more detail and odd, expensive technical effects and sets than they would need to have in order to get the point across.

I watched the first three of them with this insider and got a guided tour of how much “real stuff” was being disclosed — and I must admit it is very strange.

There is no question that the Umbrella Corporation represents the Cabal, complete with their ubiquitous symbol of the Templar cross.


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