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How to go to court as a man – not as a PERSON or YOU – and win your case

August 20, 2017

Karl Lentz invokes queens bench … becomes i, a man not a PERSON or YOU and wins in court


queen’s bench = queen’s court = peoples’ court = common law court of record = common law court > all that is required is the presence of a JUDGE and 2 man (1 plaintiff / claimant + 1 defendant) and it can be held anywhere

standing of common law = the queen/king, the people and the land are one indivisible under God

statues and codes apply only to a ‘legal fiction’ aka as PERSON or YOU (i.e. your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. By the way, to capitalise means “to take advantage of” and as a PERSON thou is certainly taken advantage of and they tell it straight to thy face!) – not to man

A man is a living, breathing human being created by God; a PERSON is a lifeless ‘legal fiction’ created by corporations, which are themselves also ‘legal fictions’

* The ‘Plaintiff’ must appear
* Establish your own Common Law Court of Record
Press It Upon the Record in Open Court
Nothing is true until it is ‘pressed upon the record’ in open court, which means a man (not a PERSON) must physically appear in court to state his claim against another man. > Judge, prosecutor, plaintiff, defendant, court clerk, lawyer, company, manager, supervisor, agent, representative, police, teacher, accountant, doctor, etc. are PERSONs <
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