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Don’t Back Down

September 1, 2017

Neil Keenan Update, August 31, 2017


Stand Tall, Stand Strong, and Don’t Back Down!

The year: 1921.

The location: London, England.

The players: Lloyd George (then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Georges Clemenceau (the former Prime Minister of France), Warren Harding (then President of the United States), and Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

And the sole purpose?  The conspiracy to create World War II.

No sooner had the Treaty of Versailles (1918) been signed, with the ink still wet – the above parties went into darkness to plan and indeed create what would later become known as WWII, with all necessary financial arrangements laid out from beginning to end.

Along the way to engineering World War II they accumulated many assets from overwhelmed nations and sent the acquisitions immediately to places they felt would keep these assets safe.

Bunkers were constructed underground and even underground under bodies of water. Once assets were loaded into place, they then would collapse the bunkers (or at least the entrances) and bury the workers who would never be able to speak one word of what was located there.

They buried the workers alive to protect these secret cache locations.

Treasures? Yes, even Jack Sparrow would have been proud of such a haul. How do I know about such things happening? Because I have seen the inside of bunker doors and the dried blood from those who were trapped within in their attempts to get out. Nearly every bunker has a story.

If you’ve followed us for the past two years or more, you will realize that we’ve delivered some heavy hits against the Cabal’s smuggling and stealing operations of the Monetary Assets in the South Korean bunkers. You can check out evidence of some of the the assets in the video below.

The holdings within the bunkers are comprised of nearly every currency on the planet (totalling in the Quintillions) –  not just Gold, US Dollars and Euros.

More than 1,000 bunkers exist in South Korea alone, and most have been under military / government control for many years.

As a matter of fact, when control of the South Korean government changes hands, so does the control of the South Korean bunkers; which then allows the Cabal and South Korean politicians to enjoy the exploitation of a huge slush fund.

One large bunker that is divided into six mini-bunkers is made available to the government and the Cabal in a rather transparent and arrogant transfer directly into the Central Bank of Korea.

This, of course, is not only illegal; it shows tremendous disrespect toward the Golden Dragon Family, who are the lawful owners of said deposits in the bunkers.

Very recently, the illegal movements described above were sped-up to the point where one million local brokers from various backgrounds, attempted to get their greedy hands on the Assets – and then market them out to foreign governments and rogue agencies.

If one ever thinks of pirates… look no further! Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack sparrow would be quite at home in this dramatic, though unfortunately real, scenario.

Watch the four videos in this article to witness for yourselves how happy the villains are dispersing their ill-gotten commissions after a successful deal (thievery) in the bunkers.

Observe their sardonic smiles and fast-forward to watch the same snarky smiles disappear when the perpetrators receive copies of this footage that was obtained by way of the satellite belonging to the Family that is hovering over South Korea.

Yes, there are many select videos that will come out and expose these criminals far and wide –  should they continue their crooked quest of stealing assets which do not belong to them! These are videos of each one of you inside of your offices as well as your homes.

You will be invaded and we will see how much you like it.

The highly sophisticated electronics we have access to will peek right into your bathrooms and record your nefarious conversations even while you are on the shitter!

In 1980 during a military coup, Chun Doo Hwan became the President of South Korea and he took over control of most of the South Korean bunkers. It did not matter to him or to any of his cronies as to who deposited or owned the Assets.

In 1988 he relinquished control of the government, but to this very day still manages most of the Assets.

Actually, the bank’s doors are now officially open for the Cabal to purchase Gold; thereby illicitly strengthening their global financial position.

Should the Gold and/or Assets still remain in the bunkers, then the Cabal is just waiting discreetly for the moment when the Elders and 21 Guardians are suddenly relieved of their duties by the President of South Korea in the very near future. And then they will strike.

Then the bunkers will be theirs until someone else is next appointed.

For over a month I have been monitoring their movements via the satellites, and I can see them moving the assets around. There are many going from bunker to bunker looking for particular assets the Cabal has requested, which they can move immediately to cash them in.

Understand, once again, that this corruption has been happening for a very long time from the ex-President to the more recent Presidents. As you know, all South Korean ex-presidents have been, and continue to be financed by the Cabal – who have brazenly continued stealing from the bunker Assets that are legally owned by the Depositors.

Heads are now keenly turned toward South Korea with the full realization that the current government officials will be retiring and, thus, expecting the Cabal to assist them in their retirement living.

President Park is a stark example. She blatantly used more than 2 BILLION KRW in attempting to stop her impending impeachment process, but she still ended up in prison. The funds she used were bunker funds, of course, which were plundered through the work of her henchmen.


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