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Legendary storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski panics over Irma

September 7, 2017

“Rooftops will be ripped off, windows 15-30 stories high blown out”

* First Harvey, then Irma — What’s really going on with these superstorms?
* Donald Trump warning: Hurricane Irma “looks like largest ever recorded in the Atlantic”
* “Devastating” Hurricane Irma flattens “most solid” buildings on Caribbean Island 


Emmy award winning storm chaser, Jeff Piotrowski, just did a gloomy Periscope, warning people to evacuate Florida, saying a storm of this magnitude will lay waste to wherever it hits.

“You don’t want to experience it. I promise you.When your house starts coming apart and your buildings and walls start collapsing, the boards start punching through the house like torpedoes, like missiles — it’s unbelievable what’s going to happen.”

Having experienced some of the major hurricanes in person, Jeff painted a grim picture of roof tops being torn off, both house and hotels, windows blowing out up to 15 to 20 stories highs — power failures and ‘catastrophic’ damage that will take months to repair.

If you’re wondering about the intensity of this storm, I strongly advise you to watch his Periscope below and heed his dire warnings.


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