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The 8 most important words to learn

September 11, 2017

Is that your Wish?
Is that your Order?

* Order vs Must, how and when to speak in court, and understanding bankruptcy ; * The difference between a man and a PERSON or YOU ; * How to go to court as a man … not as a PERSON or YOU ; * Karl Lentz invokes queen’s bench … becomes i, a man and wins in court ; * How to avoid criminal charges and Cestui Que Vie

Be happy – AND NEVER RESIST – to take Order(s) from a public servant and issue him/her an invoice for Order(s) performedfor fair and just compensation!

Sick of taking Order(s) and earning no money from complying with the Order(s)?

Make sure thou always has INVOICE ready, to BILL the next PUBLIC SERVANT that orders thee to do something!

(thou = singular cf. Ye – Nominative / You – Objective which is a PLURAL word. The plural YOU is used to deceptively and legally BIND a living, breathing (wo)man to his/her ‘legal fiction’ PERSON which a government or corporation has created and provided with a name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. By the way, to capitalise means to take advantage of and as a PERSON thou is certainly being taken advantage of and they tell it straight to thy face!)

When A(NY) PUBLIC SERVANT stops thee at the side of the road and ORDERS a PERFORMANCE of and/or from thee by way of the use of his/her VOICE, these UTTERANCES are defined as HIS/HER WISHES AND ORDERS delivered upon thee (thereby placing a burden upon thee!)


  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to STOP thy car
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to MOVE thy car to the side of the road
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to WIND DOWN thy car window
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PRODUCE thy Driving Licence
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PRODUCE thy Identity Card
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PRODUCE thy car Insurance Policy
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to SAY thy name (this is a trick to establish jurisdiction over YOU)
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PROVIDE the address where thou live
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to GET OUT of thy car
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to BLOW into a breathalyzer
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PLACE thy hands on thy car
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to SIGN a summons
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to PERFORM ANY TASK (such as answering what work thou do?, where thy work place is?)
  • ORDER thee a (wo)man to LEAVE the scene
  • et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

Before thou comply with an ORDER from a public servant, make sure thou remind him/her thou require fair and just compensation and always, always ask before performing task:

“Is that your Wish?”
“Is that your Order?”

Then fully and happily comply without any controversy with his/her Order and afterwards deliver upon him/her a BILL (or an INVOICE because the Order is given IN his/her VOICE).

(BILL / INVOICE: c. 1400; that of “order to pay” (technically ‘Bill of Exchange’ is from 1570s) 

When “HE” or “SHE” (a PUBLIC SERVANT and an employee of a corporation) makes his/her WISHES to perform known and ORDER(s) upon thee (a man or woman) make sure to require of HIM or HER Fair and Just Compensation. The compensation is now due for thou having carried out His or Her WISHES and ORDER(s)!

The reason for this is simple: Slavery has been abolished and a man MUST be fairly and justly compensated when ordered to perform a task!

Thou can also issue individual INVOICE / BILL to each and every Public Servant (including a judge) who has Ordered thee to perform a task based on his/her utterance. It is up to thou how much to bill fairly and justly for each Order thou has performed (e.g. $300 /$500 /$1,000 /$2,000 /$3,000, etc. per order performed). In this particular reference above, either thou can make some good money or thou would see thy harassment disappears quickly!

What is the point being made here for the benefit of man?

Slavery has long been abolished. Now when a man is given an order to perform a task, he MUST be compensated. It’s simply commerce and contract in motion. Just as a public servant is fairly and justly compensated for carrying out the Orders given him/her by his/her SUPERVISORS and BOSSES up the chain of command, a free (wo)man likewise must be fairly and justly compensated when Ordered to perform a task.

Everything in our life and existence has to do with COMMERCE and CONTRACTS (a construct of maritime law). So why not ‘take advantage of the system’ to our benefit? This is NOT RESISTANCE but TOTAL COMPLIANCE with the corporate system without any controversy.

Here’s the stark truth. Each and every one of us lives and exists in two worlds – but is hardly aware of it. One as a living dead in the form of a ‘legal fiction’ aka a PERSON that is governed by maritime law and contracts. The other as a living, breathing (wo)man with God-given immutable rights acknowledged and honoured in common law.

Our legal fictions were created and foisted upon us by featuring our names in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS beginning with our Birth Certificate. And throughout our life we have been programmed to think and accept this legal fiction IS us. We have been fooled to believe that this is normal and this is who we are. This is far from the truth. This is nothing but an outright freaking lie and deception!

What this process of creating ‘legal fictions’ do is to rob us human beings of our true nature, status and power with God as our Creator. Through this process (of binding a man to his PERSON by using the plural word YOU) corporations ‘own’ us and we are subject to their statutes and codes.

When we know we are man first and know how to ‘flip or switch world’ from PERSON to man and exercise our natural rights, then we would know how to overcome the fraud corporations, governments and banksters have foisted upon us, which always, always use the police and court system to harass us and make our life difficult.

Remember, when thou know how to live as a (wo)man and appear  IN  AT court as a (wo)man, know how to handle thy name and thy status, and know how to FLIP a statues court to a common law court – thy life would be free of major inconveniences!

(*IN court = means you as a PERSON is a member of the court (society /institution /corporation) system and therefore its statutes and codes, known as legalese, CAN be applied on you.
*AT court = means thou as a (wo)man is merely ‘visiting’ the court and is NOT a member of the society and therefore its legalese CANNOT be applied on thee.)

It’ll take some learning, comprehending and accepting the incredible simplicity (which the majority of us will find it very hard to accept because of years of brain-washing) but for now start getting fair and just compensation for happily taking Orders from a public servant – including ‘legal fictions’ (employees of corporations) acting as police and judge.

Happy taking Order(s)!

Many have wondered …

What if, for example, a police officer refuses to accept the invoice? Man can then issue a bill/invoice and escalate it to his chief at the station, department head at the county or head of police at headquarters for order(s) performed.

What if the police officer, his chief, department head or head of police refuses to pay? Man can then proceed to use their ‘corporate system ala statutes courts’ against them and file a claim against them! It is in total compliance with their corporate system! First begin by filing a claim at the small claims court and take it from there.

The key thing to learn – is to know when and how to FLIP from person to man, as well as from a statutes court to a common law court!

Anecdote – a paraphrased court incident told by Karl Lentz: Karl was  IN  at court one day and the sitting judge ‘ordered’ Karl to state his name as featured in his Birth Certificate (remember, this procedure /trick is carried out in order for Karl to admit he is a PERSON [establishing JURISDICTION over Karl] so that statues and codes can be applied on Karl in a statues court). Karl obviously did not perform as ordered, but behaved and acted as a man and performed his Karl Lentz’s Way  IN  at court without controversy. (It is important for a man to be polite and behave respectfully at all times when dealing with a judge or police officer or any PERSON for that matter.) Soon the judge was somewhat impatient as he continued to ‘order’ Karl to perform what he wanted Karl to do, that is to state his name as it appears in his Birth Certificate, National Identity Card or Driving Licence. After a few back-and-forths, Karl then asked the judge politely the

8 most important words: “Is that your wish? Is that your order?

The judge without hesitation replied “yes” and Karl told him he would be requiring fair and just compensation for performing the judge’s order. Karl subsequently made his way towards the judge with his Invoice Pad in hand and told the judge to get his cheque book ready. The judge realized his mistake and bolted from his bench and disappeared from the court! After about 20 minutes of waiting, Karl then took over the ‘statutes’ court (as ‘the captain has abandoned ship’), held his ‘common law’ court and discharged the case brought against him!

A police officer of the court, who witnessed the incident, was heard saying: “Man, I’ve never seen a judge run out of his court so fast in my life!”

Note: The worst a judge can ever do to intimidate a man is to order a man to perform ‘contempt of court.’ Be happy to perform the order (only after asking the judge the 8 most important words and making it clear to him that thou would be requiring fair and just compensation from him for performing his order) and then issue a Pro Forma Invoice billing him at rate of $1 per second for every second of the order to be performed for the first 24 hours, until the judge stops the order. The compensation from the man dressed in black can come up to a hefty $86,400 per every 24-hour day!

Likewise when a police officer wishes to detain and handcuff thee and order thee to ‘come with’ him/her, thou can also ask him/her the 8 most important words and make known to him/her that thou would be requiring fair and just compensation from him/her for thou to perform his/her every order. Invoicing him/her at rate of $1 per second for every second for every order performed until he/she stops the order can change the situation to thy advantage very quickly!

Note II: When going to court, make sure to bring along friends to witness what transpires  IN  AT court so thou would have many to testify and  CERTIFY  VERIFY thy claim in open court under common law when the need arises.

Download & print your own Invoice for Orders Performed in Word doc format.
Make sure to update texts in RED before printing!
Keep some copies handy and bring them along wherever you go.
Suggestion for Invoice No.: Write approx. time of Order(s) performed in 24-hr format e.g. 0845, 1300, 1815, 2230 so as to keep a record of the time when the Order(s) were performed.

* Invoice for Order Performed – A4 size
*Invoice for Order Performed – Letter size


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