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How to win your court case the Karl Lentz way i.e. the common law way

September 20, 2017

Go to court as i, a man – not as a PERSON, not as YOU

* Appear in court as a man! The Karl Lentz method worked for me!  

i, a man: Karl Lentz … require of you (notifying the sitting judge) to place your case before queen’s bench … once we are before queen’s bench, plaintiff must press the record

* man = adult human (a living, breathing male or female) created by God
* PERSON = ‘legal fiction’ created by an incorporated government which is also a legal fiction
* YOU = plural word deceptively used to ‘legally bind’ man to his PERSON

* Court statues & codes apply only to PERSON and YOU, but not to man. Learn to flip from PERSON / YOU to common man when  IN  AT court
* queen’s bench = queen’s court = peoples’ court = common law court of record = common law court > all that is required is presence of a JUDGE and 2 man (1 plaintiff / claimant + 1 defendant) > no third-party PERSON, e.g. prosecutor, lawyer, is allowed to be present

* press the record = a man (not a legal fiction) must physically appear in open court as claimant / plaintiff to state his claim against another man (no representation of claimant by any other PERSON allowed because PERSON has no standing in common law court, such as prosecutor, lawyer, bailiff, doctor, psychiatrist, police inspector, bank manager, local councillor, agent, repocessor, professor, teacher, coach, expert, job supervisor, etc. <these are mere titles/legal fictions; a man requires no title>)
* AT court = man ‘visiting’ at statues court is ‘not a member’ of the society and therefore its statues and codes do not apply to man
* IN court = means thou is a part/member of the court (society/corporation) system and therefore its legalese can be applied on you … man in statues court invokes queen’s bench and man ‘moves’ (flips/switches his status and court) and conducts in his common law court > legal fictions have no power in queen’s bench


common law nations are coloured brown

* The difference between a man and a PERSON or YOU 
* Your birth certificate and WHO you really are 
* How to go to court as a man – not as a PERSON or YOU – and win your case (earlier, compact blogpost)
* The 8 most important words to learn  
* How to avoid criminal charges and Cestui Que Vie
(Trust Law … before thou invoke queen’s bench which is common law)
* English Common Law in the early American Colonies (read specifically Chapter IV – Summary) to understand how the New England settlers molded a New common law system based on their beliefs, and how they otherwise abandoned the technical system of the English Common Law
* Redress-4-Dummies – Let (wo)man seek redress to life
* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Craig Lynch
* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Man and Law 

* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Trust In All Law
* Common Law Word Nerdz 
* The UnKommonlaw – Karl Lentz
* UnKommonlaw UK  


At the end of this posting are documents that thou a man can use to handle thy court case. Download them, study them and apply whichever one fits thy situation.

(Note: Karl Lentz’s way is to FLIP / SWITCH thy status from PERSON to man and flip / switch statutes court to queen’s bench and invoke common law. It only applies to cases that involve a man against another man; and a man against state or a corporate entity e.g. bank, law firm, police, court, local council, corporation, etc. It cannot apply in cases between corporate entity against corporate entity.)


When thou first read the documents, it’s a guarantee thy reaction would be to brush them off as ‘nonsense,’ ‘a joke’ and at worst cast them off as ‘conspiracy theory stuff.’ Should this be thy thinking, this blogger has only this to counter: “If what thou has been doing with thy lawyer(s) and having spent much money and thy case is still not resolved, what have thou got to lose?”

Many people around the world, especially those living in member countries of the British commonwealth of nations, have enjoyed success with Karl Lentz’s way of going to court and win their cases. These successes have not gone un-noticed by the incorporated governments. Some courts have felt threatened by Karl’s simple, effective way in neutralizing (statutes) court cases that they have alerted their authorities to declare Karl Lentz a persona non grata to their countries (which means Karl personally is not acceptable and unwelcome) so that he cannot come and help others to ‘fight’ their cases.

Yes, Karl Lentz’s way is so incredibly simple it shocks the mind into a state of disbelief … “this cannot be true!” It only became so disarmingly simple all thanks to Karl’s years of learning and experiencing personal pain with a case that involved his own son with Down’s syndrome, which began in 2001. Karl spent a fortune on 17 attorneys’ fees to ‘fight’ the system to get back custody of his son from the government but to no avail. After years of ‘hitting the wall,’ Karl had enough and decided to study law on his own like a madman possessed.

While on his long and travailing journey that almost bankrupted him, Karl had the good fortune to have crossed path with a senior prosecutor in Alabama who cryptically admonished Karl saying “you are not a man … when you learn to be a man, you won’t need any attorney’s help … learn to be a man and behave as a man …” in order for him to succeed with his case. Those clue-encrypted words ultimately proved to be the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in Karl’s quest to win custody of his son from the authority.

When Karl finally ‘saw the light’ and found the solution to ‘fight’ his case, he went to court as a man and claimed his son is his property and his son was returned to him by the state within 24 hours – after 6 long years!

Yes, Karl has made it to win cases in court so incredibly simple because he has discovered ‘the key’ and that’s also because he breathes, eats, sleeps and shyts common law. He has for many years and will continue to do so. And he is sharing what he has learned with humanity.

During his self-study, Karl was able to learn about the power of the word ‘property’; the difference between PERSON and man; and the difference between statues and common law. He also managed to drill common law down to its core, unmask the trickery and deception in statues, and, finally able to distill all that he had learned to neutralise statutes courts into – Simple Words, Simple Documentations and Simple Actions.

“It’s so simple it’s scary,” according to Karl. Yes, Karl’s way is so incredibly, shockingly simple that it would freeze thy brain!

And why is it that thou would consider his way of going to court as hard to believe?

This ‘dumbed-down’ predicament is a result of years of thy programming and indoctrination by the incorporated government! Stealthily and aggressively done. By deploying every brain-washing apparatus and scheme available that have the active co-operation of thy clueless, compliant elected representatives, public servants, educators, professionals, infotainment whores, mainstream news fakers, Hollyweird celebrities, seemingly benevolent local and international organisations, well-meaning family members and friends.

It is not thy fault thou has become a dumbed-down ‘sheeple.’ It is the corporations’ fault that they have become EXCEEDINGLY SUCCESSFUL at doing what they do well to achieve their objective to CONTROL and ENSLAVE the ‘useless eaters’ and ‘deplorables.’ By systematically dumbing-down we the people and by manipulating and controlling our reality to conform to their wicked global agenda.

But now we the people have a silver bullet – the Karl Lentz’s way to go to court – to deal with and NEUTRALISE the EVIL ‘CORPORATOCRACY’ that owns and uses the statutes court and judicial system to harass us. The powers-that-be are now realising the people are waking up. They are beginning to show signs of fright and are shivering in their pants.

What Karl is teaching us is that courts and judges should just concentrate their business in dealing with cases concerning ‘breaches of contracts’ between ‘corporate fictions’ ala enterprise against enterprise, company against company, corporation against corporation. They have NO business abusing their seeming power to DECEIVE MAN into thinking man is PERSON or YOU and apply corporation statutes and codes on man. (Codes, by the way, are exactly this a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of SECRECY.” And that’s why codes need to be DECIPHERED by ‘lawyers, counsellors, attorneys, solicitors, barristers, etc.’ Comprehendo?)

Man is man – not a PERSON, not a YOU – unless man is silly enough to continue to be fooled into accepting that he/she is one!

As Morpheus said to Neo in ‘The Matrix,’ and this blogger is paraphrasing: “It’s time to choose between the ‘red pill’ and the ‘blue pill’ …”

Karl’s approach is simpler, more direct and he put it this way: A man cannot order (i.e. force) another man to do anything that a man does not wish to do.It’s a fact SLAVERY has long been abolished and should any man ‘orders’ another man to do something that man who is carrying out the ‘order’ has the right to be fairly and justly compensated for performing the order!

So, it’s all up to thee. Thou decide.

God bless.

– – – – – – – – 0 – – – – – – – –

The following documents are for download. Study them and apply whichever one fits thy situation. They are simple to understand and crafted with simple words that carry power in a common law court.

(Note: Karl Lentz’s way is to FLIP / SWITCH thy status from PERSON to man; and flip / switch statutes court to queen’s bench and invoke common law in a snap – to thine advantage. Consequently, by ‘invoking common law’ thy case will take on a whole new way of handling by the sitting judge. Common law will have precedence over statues and codes and leave prosecutors and lawyers outside of the courtroom.

Karl’s way only applies to cases that involve a man against another man; and a man against state or a corporate entity. It cannot apply in cases between corporate entity against corporate entity – because statutes and codes apply to them corporate entities!)

01 How to Flip court case to queen’s bench

02 How to offer Remedy when at court

03 How to write a Claim for restoration of Property

04 How to write a Fair Warning Notice for suit

05 How to reply to a Debt

06 How to settle debt as a man

07 How to File your case to a court
This document (update text in red) does not need to be hand-written, if man wishes.

08 Sample of Filing case to a court


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