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Twitter oh Twitter, you’ve finally exposed your hand!

September 30, 2017

Just another Left-tard, fascist, kook media that cannot stand the truth and is policing our views!


* Celebtard Miley Cyrus LIED! Will not leave America because Donald Trump is President
* Twitter shuts down pro-freedom ‘Voice of Europe’ Twitter page hours before Catalonia referendum  

* Twitter permanently bans one of its most offensive users
* Just how offensive did Milo Yiannopoulos have to be to get banned from Twitter?
* Twitter bans high-profile users with alt-right ties
* Twitter shadow-banning ‘real and happening every day’ says inside source
* Twitter bans multiple ‘alt-right’ accounts
* Twitter has 49 black employees in workforce of nearly 3,000 Twitter is clearly RACIST > hires only 1.63% Blacks! 

Twitter wants me to delete the tweet below (a reply i posted regarding celebtard Miley Cyrus’ cop-out statement why she’s not leaving America) to “un-limit some of the features” of my account.

What’s so offensive about this tweet that caused Twitter to lock it?

Do i want to delete the tweet? NO! Do i care if i have not a Twitter account? Hell NO!! Twitter can go die!!!


The account was locked at approximately 0435 hours today, while i was online. The tweet above was posted at 0253 hours. The time it took Twitter to lock me out is 1 hour 42 minutes after the tweet. Man, if this is not online policing then i don’t know what is! Proof again, Big Brother is watching!

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