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Elon Musk companies, are they just scams?

October 19, 2017

* Elon Musk’s battery scam
* Coal baron nails Elon Musk as ‘fraud’ over Green subsidies
* Amid management exodus, Tesla fires hundreds of workers
* Is Elon Musk a fraud?  


I have been interested in some of the ideas that Elon Musk has, so I have l been looking into his companies. I have come to the conclusion that many of them are nothing more than scams. SpaceX isn’t a real independent company considering it survives almost exclusively on government contracts. Not really that big of a deal but it not a real market company. Tesla, again it doesn’t make any money based on the sales of it cars however it makes money by selling carbon credits, again a tie to government bullshit.

Then we come to Solar City, the company that “leases” solar panels to home owners via the power company. The whole business plan is to have people go door to door selling leases and then getting home owners to sign over their government rebates. It just seems like he doesn’t have any real businesses that can make money with out some form of subsidy either directly from or mandated by the government.

I don’t necessarily object to having government contracts or using government subsidies, hell I do a lot of this as well, just seems like these companies shouldn’t be the darlings that they are.


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  1. ewoon,

    Just to share this…

    Saved from

    John Watkins saved to Investigating The Matrix

    Illuminati frontman Elon Musk recently stated that a universal basic income “is going to be needed”, because artificial intelligence and robotics will eliminate vast numbers of jobs. For many people, this will mean total dependence on the state and a subsistence inncome. Basic income is a long planned part of the Illuminati post-industrialization, zero growth, and depopulation goals. See the attached summary by researcher John Coleman.

    Project Lithium? The Tesla & Conoco Phillips murders connection

    You be the judge.

    • Flyer168,

      Elon Musk and his ilk are predators of the working class’ hard work and productivity. They scheme and rob with their scams be it Global Warming, War On Terror, etc. to transfer wealth into their own pockets, with the ultimate aim to control and subjugate the people.

      But their days are numbered with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The rest of the world are waking up and following America’s footstep.

      Trump has to stay the course and be the light of the world to defeat the Iluminati’s satanic plan for an evil New World Order. When America becomes great again, the world will be a better place. Only then will there be real peace and prosperity on planet Earth.

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