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Secret agent Lee Wanta tells all. Trillions for America.

October 30, 2017


Donald Trump is now aware of Ambassador Lee Wanta and the trillions that are to be brought back into the US Treasury! Millions of jobs are about to be created as America fixes her infrastructure left to rot by the Bush Clinton crime syndicate of phony stooge Presidents we’ve had since JFK! Daddy Bush has done everything possible to stop this for decades now but his evil plans have now failed! This is a great show that must be shared to all email lists, legitimate alternative media that doesn’t censor and social networks! If you share this one so all of America knows the truth the US will get ALL of her national debt paid off with these funds! They won’t be able to stop it when the truth goes VIRAL! Make it happen!

Copy this video to all youtube channels! Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan gives everybody permission to put this on their own Youtube channels so Google can’t stop it! I give my permission to copy this article – just link back to it here also!

Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan interview Ambassador Lee Wanta and go over the entire Bush Clinton crime syndicate and the incredible story that happened to secret agent Wanta who worked directly for President Reagan!  At the beginning of this broadcast I play a clip proving Alex Jones is a total liar for the Zionists!  Jones actually said “Lee Wanta was as real as the Easter Bunny or those letters you get from Nigeria!”  

Why is Alex Jones protecting the Zionists who tried to kill Wanta and steal the US Treasury’s money by lying about him? Wanta has literally been put through hell by the Zionist deep state and Alex is helping those same scum by lying about him and saying he’s not real! This is OUTRAGEOUS and I hope all patriots will make Jones feel your rage! Don’t accept lies when all our lives are on the line here! You’re all better than this! I bet you won’t get one reply from infowhores!  

I want all patriots to email Alex at and Tweet him and tell him to tell the truth about Lee Wanta or he will be destroyed by God for his lies! I actually listened to the broadcast when Alex Jones lied about Lee Wanta and recorded it and saved it but here’s the crazy part. I kept this clip for many years. I think it’s been about 5 years since Alex lied about Wanta. So today I go to find the clip on my computer and somebody had gotten into my computer and copied over the clip with another file!  Every copy of this file had been destroyed! This has never been done before on my computer. Somebody made sure I could never get this clip again! It was done on my computer and my backup hard drive!

Luckily I had one more backup hard drive that had the clip on it so I could prove 100% that Alex Jones is a liar and working for the bad guys! This clip was completely scrubbed off the internet and youtube! Who did this for Alex?

Alex Jones portrayed in the Illuminati Card Deck as Agent in Place!

We’re not going to allow anybody calling themselves the “tip of the spear” to lie about Lee Wanta for the Zionist Bush Clinton crime syndicate! Here’s a preview of an upcoming movie about this great man!  Does this man look like the “Easter Bunny” to you? Are you going to support a liar who doesn’t repent for it?

Lee Wanta’s movie!


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