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How Trump saved the American people $35 trillion with one signature

November 21, 2017

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President Trump rescued the United States from the biggest con job in history when he withdrew our nation from the so-called “Paris Agreement.” This was the UN global warming treaty that Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State John Kerry signed the USA up for in December 2015.

Obama and Kerry’s hope, along with that of the other signatories, was that by calling it an “agreement” they would be able to bypass that pesky two-thirds ratification vote in the US Senate. President Trump literally saved the United States trillions of dollars that would have been wasted to “fight” global warming when he pulled out of the Paris boondoggle.

If you’re skeptical that the president saved us trillions, let’s take a look at the numbers.

S & P Global Market Intelligence analyzed the startup costs of the Paris Agreement and estimated that the initial price tag for all of the signatory nations combined would be $5.2 trillion. Here are some other estimates:

  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance: $12.7 trillion
  • The Energy Transition Committee (Al Gore’s think tank): $15 trillion
  • Steyer-Taylor Center, Stanford University: $58 trillion over 25 years

That’s an astonishing amount of money to accomplish the signatories’ goal of staving off 2 degrees of alleged warming by the year 2100. The United Nations Green Climate Fund gets to operate as the bank under this scheme.

After Obama signed us up for the treaty, the Republican-led Congress scorned the deal and yet quickly made sure to write out the first check to the Green Climate Fund, to the tune of $1 billion in the FY 2017 budget. That money is already gone and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get it back.

These payments were to be the seed money that would build up to several trillion dollars per year in a short time, all to allegedly adjust the thermometer by 2 degrees in a century. Democrats get really angry when you point out that a single mid-sized volcanic eruption puts out enough CO2 to offset every single effort that the Paris treaty would make.

In 2016, a provision was added to the Democratic Party Platform calling for full implementation of the Obama/UN treaty. In truly chilling fashion, the Democrats also call for prosecution and jail time for anyone who disparages or questions the “science” behind climate change. The provision fell just short of calling for the words “Climate Change Skeptic” to be branded in the foreheads of unbelievers. Maybe they’ll add it when they rewrite the platform in 2020.

Never forget this, because this is who these people are: The Democrats believe you belong in jail if you speak out against their cult-like belief in man-made global warming. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before Congress in 2016 that the Justice Department was exploring various ways to punish any companies that refuse to believe in their “settled science” on the matter.

Many of the everyday members of the WE MUST ACT NOW crowd don’t even realize the crony capitalist nature of the global warming scam that they have latched onto so eagerly. They ignore the unusual amount of wealth that Al Gore has accumulated since leaving public office and other inconvenient truths. Gore’s personal assets totaled less than $2 million when he left office in 2001 and today his net worth is estimated at around $200 million.

Gore’s scam looks like pretty good work if you can find it. Step one: Invest pennies in “green energy” startups. Step two: Fly around the world scaring governments about the imminent threat of global warming which surely kill off all life on planet earth any day now. Step three: Rake in government grants for the green energy startups that never actually produce any innovative results.

Even though he has collected some large checks, Gore is just a low-level operator in the great global warming scam. The more sinister government types are the ones we really need to be concerned with when it comes to deals like the Paris Accord.

Obama’s Paris deal would have surrendered US sovereignty to extrajudicial “UN Climate Panels” which would settle disputes and essentially rule over American energy companies, by overruling American regulatory agencies and Congress. Isn’t it curious how every plan we’ve heard for the past three decades to deal with the “threat” of global warming involves setting up an open-borders world government controlled by the United Nations?

So where was $58 trillion supposed to come from? Carbon taxes which the left has been rabid about for years, energy mandates and punishing regulatory fines against the energy companies that have reliably provided America with affordable and plentiful energy.

Aside from the enormous cost, the Paris deal was another example of Obama sidestepping the US Constitution to impose the left’s policies. The Paris Accord was signed by 170 countries and it would force all future administrations, for at least the next 25 years, to deal with the consequences and costs of compliance.

In other words, it was an international treaty by every definition and should have required 67 affirmative votes in the Senate to approve it. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and a handful of others tried to make this happen, but they were drowned out by Mitch McConnell and others who were more than happy to continue writing fat checks to the UN.

If President Trump had not stepped in and done the right thing, our children and grandchildren would have been stuck paying for the Paris deal.

Any time the United States has entered into a multinational agreement — prior to 2017 — we usually end up footing 60 to 70 percent or more of the total bill. See the budgets of the United Nations and NATO if you have any questions about this.

So for all intents and purposes, President Trump might have saved the American taxpayers between $35 and 41 trillion by withdrawing from the Paris rip-off.


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