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The anti-Trump Deep State and media, the Mueller witchhunt, the false Russia collusion narrative and the Hillary email coverup all revealed

December 5, 2017

* Planned Parenthood is in deep trouble with the law. This could be a turning point.
* Roger Stone: Massive intel on coming indictments
* #TheStorm Is About To Hit. And it’s unlike anything we have ever seen before.  


Bombshell events the past few days should open the eyes of anyone not wearing the darkest of blinders to what is really going on in the anti-Trump Deep State and hysterical Trump-hating media as well as the false Russia collusion narrative and the Hillary Clinton email coverup. Sadly, too many people are wearing such blinders.

First came the false report from Twin events should open a lot of eyes about the Deep State and the Trump-hating media. First came the erroneous report from an ABC reporter known for making false reports to further his left wing agenda that sent the stock market plunging and the left foaming at the mouth about impeachment: That Michael Flynn was going to testify that Donald Trump ordered him to reach out to Russia during the Presidential campaign. Then, after the DOW had plunged over 350 points and then mostly recoverd on news of the Senate passing their flawed tax bill, ABC first issued a “clarification” and then an outright “correction” (after the stock market had closed) that Trump had ordered him to make contact with Russia AFTER the election. The reporter, Brian Ross, who had also once falsely reported that a mass shooting had been committed by a Tea Partier, was suspended for 4 weeks. Sorry haters, but no crime nor hint of collusion. Despite the correction, the media like the NYTimes and Washington Post buried news of the tax bill with screaming headlines about Flynn and Russia! Russia! Russia!

Then came revelation that the Mueller witch hunt, er, investigation, had dropped a head FBI investigator from its probe because his Tweets revealed him to be staunchly anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. It turns out that this same head FBI agent that was assigned to the Mueller monstrosity had headed up the investigation into the Clinton email scandal. He was the one who lead the holiday interview of Hillary where no notes were taken and where then-Director James Comey was absent – you know, the same James Comey who drafted a letter exonerating Hillary of criminal charges months before she, as well as other key witnesses, was interviewed and the investigation was far from complete (and several FBI agents have bitterly complained about his decision). The same James Comey who managed to get his BFF Mueller assigned to head up the special investigation. The reason he was dropped from the investigation – still populated as it is with Hillary supporters and donors including a prosectur who has been slapped down for unethical prosecution – was to try to keep it from appearing biased. Sorry, but far too late. And now we are told that the obviously flawed email investgation is being reviwed.

There’s more, and there could very well be much more. For example, what role might the FBI agent have played in using the fake Russian dossier to justify wiretapping Trump and members of his campaign and administration, and the unmasking of hundreds of people connected to Trump? Did he also play any role in the Uranium One investigation that should have squashed the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia and enriched Hillary, Bill and their foundation by over $150 Million dollars? And it is well worth noting that Trump’s own FBI, has been stonewalling requests and subpoenas from Congress – so much so that it is being heavily contemplated to hold the FBI and DOJ in contempt of Congress.

The Deep State is alive and well, and deeper than Trump ever imagined. And the huge anti_Tump bias and agenda of the media is revealed as never before. Does anyone believe that such revelations would have come if Hillary had won? For that matter, does anyone believe that Hillary’s pal Harvey Weinstein would have been revealed, or the other Hollywood moguls and celebrities, or Senators Conyers, Franken, et al would have been revealed? Or that the left was finally admitting that Bill Clinton was guilty and should have stepped down or been impeached? Would anyone be talking about the Deep State or draining the swamp? Or the pay-for-play corruption of the Clinton foundation? If you do believe all of that, then your blinders are firmly in place.


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