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The Left and the Politics of Hate

January 3, 2018

* The Left in extremis?  


Michael Goodwin, in his December 24 New York Post column, admitted to being surprised that the Democrats are continuing impeachment politics.  He commented, “I assumed it would last six months at most[.] … But it’s clear now that the mob-like motivation isn’t going to disappear.  It’s become a steamroller force on the left[.] … The midterm campaign is going to be vicious and dirty beyond belief.”

Of course it will be – if the politics of hate practiced by the left prevails, politics motivated by raging hate for the opponent.  Look at the language applied by the left against President Trump.

The New York Times, in its lead editorial on November 6, 2016, imagined that a President Trump would govern as a “reckless tyrant” and has not let up on its raging rhetoric.  

Is Trump a tyrant?  Has he imprisoned media people?  Has he arrested members of Congress?  Is he undermining our democratic institutions?  Has he overturned the Constitution?  Of course not.  The anti-Trump venom is nothing more than a Big Lie.

Finally, the American people have a president who defends himself when attacked.  This is a quality not readily apparent in a Republican – don’t they usually cave when hammered with leftist demagoguery?

The more the president defends himself, the more irate his enemies become.

How will the left respond should the American people realize that Russiagate was fake news perpetrated by the swamp – first for the purpose of electing Hillary Clinton president and second for the purpose of discrediting Donald Trump as a threat to national security?

Why is President Trump so hated?  These words from the Trump inaugural address, soon to mark their first anniversary, explain the left’s politics of hate:

Politicians prospered, but the jobs left, and the factories closed.  The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country.  Their victories have not been your victories.  Their triumphs have not been your triumphs.  And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

“That all changes starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment.  It belongs to you.  It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America.  This is your day; this is your celebration; and this, the United States of America, is your country.”

President Trump told the American people that we “will never be ignored again,” adding that America will once again be strong, wealthy, proud, safe, and great.  Only someone who is not a patriot, who is not committed to America’s legacy of liberty, could hate a president committed to restoring the proper balance between people and government.

May God grant that the new year will be a year when positive actions in the public interest silence the purveyors of the politics of hate, and may Michael Goodwin be mistaken – that viciousness will not prevail, but that goodwill will soundly defeat the disparaging tide next November.


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