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John Podesta’s father was Dr. Josef Mengele

January 6, 2018

Say espionage historians known for record of peculiar accuracy, citing significant circumstantial evidence


2 historians with an uncanny knack for uncovering WWII German espionage have made the daring claim that political kingmaker John Podesta’s father was none other than WWII NAZI monster Dr. Josef Mengele.

The researchers, Rev. Dr. Anne Armstrong and Rev. Alan Gordon, claim to have previously found a NAZI espionage confession in the personal effects of cannabis prohibition architect Harry J. Anslinger, and decoded a cipher which stymied even NSA cryptographers, says that damning circumstantial evidence and photos virtually prove Mengele was likely secretly employed by the US government after the War as part of Operation Paperclip (in which the US clandestinely hired hundreds of NAZI scientists).  There, says Gordon, Mengele served as a torturer of children for both the fledgling CIA’s  MKULTRA mind control program, as well as Dr Kinsey’s groundbreaking studies of human sexuality (which depicted graphic measurements of several hundred serial child rapes).

Dr. Kinsey’s meticulous published data of several hundred serial rapes of children aged infant to 15 were performed by a US-government-protected witness code named “Mr. Green,”  — the same name used by Mengele in exile in the 1960 and 1970s in between the United States, Paraguay (where the President protected him due to common NAZI lineage), Argentina, Spain, Greece and other countries.

Shockingly, while Kinsey’s “Mr. Green” looks like one of 2 different Dr. Mengeles depicted in era photographs, he also looks precisely identical to John Podesta.  The strikingly identical appearance of that serial pedophile to John Podesta had never previously been noticed by researchers, but was discovered by chance, by Rev.. Dr. Anne Armstrong, Gordon’s co-author and church leader.  Gordon says many commonly-seen Mengele photos were relatively recently supplied, perhaps by a CIA eager to conceal his US employment.

John Podesta looks nothing like his own brother Tony.

The former was born in 1948 right when Kinsey’s serial child rape data was being collected, and right after WWII Operation Paperclip NAZI scientist acquisition, and just as MKULTRA was swinging into gear.

John Podesta’s mother graduated from a high school named after a historic wartime serial pedophile.

It’s very common to see prominent bloodline elitists father many different children. For example Angela Merkel Is the Daughter of Hitler, and Hitler was a Rothschild

And of course we can’t forget Mengeles grandson, the dead rockstar who used a pedo symbol for his band logo. With a legacy like this poor Chester Bennington never had a chance.

Also …

Was Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington Sacrificed By His Father John Podesta?


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