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Historic meeting [at Camp David] sends elites into utter panic

January 11, 2018


In a historic meeting at Camp David (Camp Shangri-la as it was called) key leaders wishing to restore America back to where she was 40 years ago are meeting to discuss strategies to do just that.

Those at  the meeting include:

1) President Trump
2) VP Pence
3) House Speaker Paul Ryan
4) Senate Majority Leader John Cornyn
5) Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson
6) Secretary of Defense Gnereal Mattis
7) Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn
8) DHS Chief Kirsten Nielsen
9) Education Director Brian Devos
10) CIA Boss Mike Pompeo
11) OPM Director Mike Mulveney

The list goes on and on.

May I highly suggest that all of you follow the lead and do not attempt any deals outside of the Donald or the Living GOD will see you Face To Face.

The topic to be discussed will simply be how to shut down these Traitors on the Left who’s entire goal is the Destruction of America and the Depopulation of Planet Earth by killing 7 Billion Humans.

As for the Tax Cut – it is a trap to destroy the goals of the Looney Lefties in their attempt to destroy the American Economy.

Each Looney Lefty Governor now has a Mole in their Office who will report any activities set to destroy their state economies – which includes the raising of any taxes.

A big topic to be discussed is exactly how many News Men will be headed to GITMO for a Permanent New Residence inside the “Walled City.” there.

Further – how exactly to deal with the Governors, County Executives and City Mayors ignoring Legal Immigration and Marijuana Policies will also be discussed and the Donald lays down New Policies in these regards.

Representatives of the 13 Banking Families And Lockeed Martin’s Space Program will also be present along with their allies.

Representatives of Microsoft will also be present via the computer.

Computers and Space Craft aside – there is a New Sheriff in town who has a Much Bigger Stick than anyone on Planet Earth could even imagine.

They will listen and agree with the Donald – The New Don – or be dealt with accordingly by the Living GOD.

This is not about Looney Lefties vs the Right, it’s about the survival of Planet Earth.

Please continue to pray that those who are creating Destruction and Disruptions – Including Poisoning Our Food, Air and Water – are Immediately Neutralized Permanently.


1) First – the DNC is now classified as a Terrorist Organization. Deputy Chairman of the DNC Congressman Kieth Ellison went to Moon Palace Books Store in Minneapolis and held up a copy of the ANTIFA and stated he agrees with everything in this handbook.

As a Congressman this makes him Guilty of Treason since it clearly calls for the assassination of the President.

2) The CDC is now declaring that they are preparing America for an Airborne Nuclear Strike. Please pray that the CDC is shut down just as soon as possible.

3) An Oil Tanker headed for Soul South Korea and loaded with Frozen Natural Gas from Iran carrying a Panamanian Flag named the Sanchi was hit sideways by a Bulk Junk Carrier ship that destroyed both ships.

The Sanchi was headed to Soul Korea and set to explode after arrival at the port. The Explosion would then be blamed on the North Koreas – Igniting a Huge World Conflict.

Thank GOD it was intercepted before arrival.

This is the beginning of the Man Made Shipping Disasters we gave on one of our Intel Reports a few days ago as Large Ships are now being used as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In March this is what I see being Used – Large Cargo Ships loaded with Huge 150-500KT Firecrackers.

March – not sure of the time frame:

a) 5 US ports
b) 1 in Russia Frozen Port and
c) A Chinese Port south of Tanjin
d) A Larger Port in South Korea – but not the Capitol.  Allot of smaller homes there but very populated.

Enough – not allowed to continue on You Tube.

Security Forces not connected to the US have already been notified – making US Security look like the Keystone Cops.

4) Finally – Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN,  again put her foot in her mouth and called for the Downfall of the Iranian Government. Rather than working for a Solution to the problem she just infuriated the Iranians.

She is the Laughing Stock of the UN.

With around 30 Million Iranians collecting about $250 a month in Welfare would not an influx perhaps around $50 Billion a month for a  year stabilize Iran?

Please pray that as the Iranian People turn towards GOD and His Son and that they are blessed for  their faith.

Even the Koran states Yeshua is the Savior while Mohammed is the Great Profit.


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