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A shining State of the Union speech for Trump and a dark night for Democrats

February 1, 2018

* Here’s the information the DNC desperately tried to hide during the SOTU Address
* Senator Joe Manchin abandons own party after SOTU, then drops bomb on ‘disrespectful’ Dems  

By Dquixote1217

Our President Donald J. Trump gave a magnificent, inspiring and uplifting red, white and blue State of the Union speech last night. He ticked off several of his many accomplishments during his first year in office, laid out a plan of hope for the future and masterfully interwove human vignettes of many guests in the audience that brought both thunderous applause and tears to the eyes. Lasting an hour and 20 minutes, it brought the crowd to its feet 111 times. Well, it brought the Republicans and members of the galley to their feet. Not the Democrats, who mostly sat on their hands in stone-faced obstinence.

While the speech was decidedly conservative, it nevertheless had several non-partisan moments that everyone should have stood and clapped for. But not the Democrats, who have invested so much in hatred and obstruction. For the most part, even the moderate Democrats (yes, there are still a few of them) toed the party line as they no doubt had been instructed to do.

Nevertheless, the speech was a hit with Americans. 93% of Republicans thought it was a good speech. 71% of Independents thought it was a good speech and even 43% of Democrats, who have been groomed to hate Trump, thought it was a good speech. Those, my friends, are winning numbers – and they have to be daunting for the Democrats.

Some other numbers that likely have the Democrats squirming of late: One of the most recent polls showed that Trump’s approval rating had jumped by 7% since November. Another poll showed that the so-called generic vote which once had the Democrats preferred over Republicans by 16% had narrowed to only a 5% advantage. And that was before last night’s speech which likely has many looking at Trump and the Republicans in a brighter light and the Democrats in a darker light that matched their display during the speech. It was also before the release of “the memo”, which Trump assured one Congressman on his way out of the chamber that he would “100 percent” release.

Quite frankly, the Democrats embarrassed themselves last night – and they did it in front of a nationwide audience that liked what they saw and heard from our President. Many of those who have relied on getting their information from the hateful destroy-Trump media may now be looking at our President and his accomplishments in a new brighter light today. And they may be looking at the Democrats in a darker one.

Last night, one observer said that Pelosi, Schumer and other dour Democrats looked like they were waiting on an appointment to see an orthodontist. I think a much more fitting analogy would be waiting to see a proctologist.

The memo’s coming, then the IG report and meanwhile the vast majority of Americans will be seeing bigger paychecks. Those who were trumpeting a blue wave scant weeks ago had best put up their surf boards and batten down the hatches for the coming tsunami! Like Moses of old, it and Donald Trump may turn that blue wave to red.

My two cents.


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