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Naturopaths fighting back against harmful Nagalase in vaccines

February 23, 2018

Holistic doctors revenge – Copper 1 cure!



They’ve now killed at least 98 Holistic doctors who figured out they are putting deadly Nagalase in the vaccines! That’s why they want to give you those nasty shots in the drug stores! These monsters want to kill and hurt as many as they can! This Nagalase shuts down the immune system by deactivating Vitamin D! This prevents the body from tagging antigens in the body and it’s downhill from there! Before they died, these doctors discovered a substance called GcMAF able to repair the damage to the body and even cure cancers and autism in many cases! Research this substance if you’ve been damaged!

Holistic Doctors are now striking back with cooperation and cures! Secret meetings are being held as seen in this video and most of the doctors are now carrying guns at all times! They know they are the targets and they are fighting back with everything they have. They need your help to spread the word on this new cure!  In the above video doctors have discovered a new secret weapon that clearly destroys spirochete bacterium in all of us! This secret weapon is a new form of copper called Copper 1 which is bioavailable and specially produced. It’s not in any of the vitamins and supplements on the market! So unless you get this new bioavailable form, the spirochete bacterium will not be expelled from the red blood cells as you see in the video.

Here’s the product discussed in the video.

Copper 1 Supplement!

MitoSynergy – MitoActivator Extra Strength – Highly Bioavailable Copper Mineral Supplement – Patented Nutrient Complex – 60 Capsules

Doctors think we’re all being destroyed with this spirochete bacterium that invades normal red blood cells and once it gets into the body greater illness begins. They found spirochetes in every person they tested, even extremely healthy people! The doctors think they are dumping spirochetes in our water supply or maybe putting them in the chemtrails. What they’ve found is once this new copper 1 form gets into the blood, the spirochete bacterium are forced out of their hiding spot in the red blood cells and they can be destroyed and cleansed from the body! This special copper also inhibits the spirochetes ability to move around! This copper 1 plays a huge role in cell metabolism and helps produce 17 times more cell energy!

In the video, the anonymous doctor explains the danger of these spirochetes is they produce ammonia which is toxic to your nerves and can cause severe pain. They have discovered this copper 1 seems to repair DNA damage, gives more energy, and has even repaired scars! It truly seems like a real miracle cure so many need right now.

They think it can be even more effective if it can be taken with ozone therapy also. I have been using a great ozone machine from a company in Canada making them for many years now. I bubble ozone through cold water for about 10 minutes every morning to start my day and will be adding the Copper 1 as soon as it comes in! Here’s the machine I use to create ozone.

Ozone Machine I use

SOTA Water Ozonator Model WOZ5—Personal Home Ozonator for Oxygen-Rich, Fresh-Tasting Drinking Water

I urge all patriots to get this information out as far and wide as possible so this cure can be exposed to more people! Demonic reptilian Alex Jones will never cover this huge cure just as Alex Jones covered up Dr. Coldwell curing cancer! I just found out this information today so very few people even know about this copper 1 cure yet! It’s up to every patriot reading this article! Nobody can stop you! Spread the word out there and post to Facebook, Twitter and send to your email lists. When we work together nothing can stop us!


Original Video


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