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Trump’s war game against Deep State cabal with his generals

February 26, 2018

* It’s time for President Trump to strike hard and purge the vermins from high places for should he not, the ‘forces of evil within’ will complete their destruction of America
#Q @QAnon – 6 attempts on President Trump’s life – U.S. under Martial Law  

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

The Florida School Shooting is still the BIG diversion from the investigations beginning to effectively put Obama and Hillary Clinton in GITMO.

President Trump continues to strategize a war game against the Cabal with his Generals, since the “National Emergency / Executive Order” allows for future military tribunals for the many high level bureaucrats, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, to face charges of Sedition and Treason against the United States. This is in-fact happening according to Dr. Jerome Corsi of whom has high level military contacts in Washington D.C.

President Trump has ordered through AG Jeff Session up to (now) 13,000 Sealed Indictments with the intent, under the emergency order, to seize property and bank accounts of those involved with child trafficking and money laundering including acts of Sedition and Treason.

For those believing that justice MUST be administered NOW, is like arresting the number one drug cartel kingpin while the rats below him scatter around the world.

The rats have to be rounded-up first in-order to build a solid case against the top players we have grown to despise. Furthermore, President Trump KNOWS the top cats under investigation would walk free if they are adjudicated on U.S. soil by “Deep State” prosecutors, lawyers, and judges.

Therefore Trump enacted the “Emergency Order” to directly involve Military Intelligence, which also has authority (under the Emergency order) to override the CIA and FBI under direction of President Trump.

The other reason to involve Military Intelligence, is for Trump’s immediate safety, since (unknown to the public) has already experienced at least two attempts on his life.

President Trump is surrounded by the military and we are learning that Trump was specifically asked to run for the presidency, well before the campaign, because a large segment of the military knew or knows exactly the direction the Socialist/Communist and “Deep State” want(ed) to take America.

For Trump to act now and allow the military to begin the arrests on U.S. soil would cause the “Deep State” to launch a full blown Civil War with more False Flag school shootings and other egregious acts of domestic violence in-order to cause condemnation and discontent for this president while at the same time would put Congress into a frenzy with immediate accusations of a dictatorship in-action, and would use CNN/CIA and other fakestream media sources to push a narrative of bad vs good in favor of a Socialist/Communist agenda.

Therefore the build-up to military action to be somewhat acceptable to the American public requires a steadfast approach of truth, exposure of lies and exposing false flags, and at the same time prepare for Civil War in America.

The timing is a crucial strategy by the Trump Administration, while mid-term elections are only 8 months away, false flags are increasing as a diversion, Mueller’s investigation will continue, and more importantly the “Deep State’s” attempt to remove high powered “assault” rifles from legal gun owners as a Civil War is just around the corner is the NUMBER ONE priority at this point. Weaponizing students across this nation with the help of CNN/CIA, the momentum is increasing, forcing Trump’s hand to a certain extent without completely banning assault rifles.

President Trump knows what the “Deep State” is doing, for one…he is 100% briefed by the NSA, bypassing the rogue CIA, (allowed under the Emergency order) but he cannot say publicly that he knows the Parkland Florida shooting was conducted specifically for three reasons to discredit the NRA, organize a student rebellion, and to cause a diversion for the upcoming Uranium One and Comey/Clinton investigations by Nunes. Reason being most of the public are completely brainwashed by the Dems and fakestream media, and together would force a narrative of impeachment to new heights, however…we know for a fact, Trump ordered military “Special Forces” to investigate the Parkland Shooting (false flag).

The balance to effectively begin the take-down of the “Deep State” and all the cronies involved has to be done with consideration to how and when a Civil War of violence in the streets begins. Before the mid-terms or after the mid-term elections? I would venture to say, after the mid-term elections is when Trump and the military will begin to open the remaining Sealed Indictments, most likely during the height of winter in 2019.

In the meanwhile though many of the Sealed Indictments (mostly involving child trafficking and pedophilia) is underway around the world. I know of one personally, thanks to Amanda for the docs, of a Sealed Indictment recently opened. The individual is facing 30 years in prison. The FBI stated this particular indictment is in-fact part of the 13,000.

On another front the “top cats” of the Obama/Hillary type(s) are seeking-out refuge in New Zealand, among several other high profile types. The Obama’s are heading to New Zealand on or about March 21st to look at properties and Hillary will be there in May. New Zealand has an Extradition Treaty with the U.S., therefore I believe the plan is for these criminals to use their illegal funds to buy-up property that (maybe) cannot be seized, especially if their names are not on the deeds.

We also know that George W. Bush and his family bought 300,000 acres of prime land in Paraguay a few years ago, for what reason??? “War criminals” as they are, both H.W. and G.W. were planning far ahead as Obama did by purchasing a $4.9 million dollar estate in Dubai. For what reason???

They’re planning their escapes and maybe Trump is allowing their escape, because out-of-sight and out-of-mind is better for America. Maybe it’s also a backroom agreement between the Cabal and Trump, and maybe it can divert a massive Civil War.

As we (together) spread truth to the world, and to influential contacts we all have, the “Deep State” have taken an interest in what (WE) are doing and saying. There are two incredible YouTuber’s (Jason and Isaac) now taking a major hit by YouTube, Google and Twitter, as is Infowars. Since posting both Isaac and Jason’s videos here on the BDR and later published by ConPats and, we effectively increased their viewership by the thousands thanks to all of you. And as result, the BDR has been censored when publishing certain “Featured Videos” including FoxNews Hannity, citing copyright infringement. NO. It’s violating our 1st Amendment Rights.

Isaac and Jason discuss the latest censorship attempts:

No doubt, we are in an information war like no other time (in my lifetime) and the war is getting hotter day by day. The school shooting diversion is designed to further divide this country in-order for the “Deep State” to energize one side over another because BOTH sides know where it is all headed CIVIL WAR.


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