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5 Greatest Lessons to learn in your life

March 1, 2018

* Fundamentals of common law & how to INVOKE IT
into motion at court (pdf)
* Why is your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS?  
* ILLITERACY The tool of choice for white-collar criminals
– Richard L Koenig
* How to avoid Criminal Charges and Cestui Que Vie  

* The Iteration Method of stopping any court action before it starts  
[Go to court as “i, a man: John Doe” is similar to the Iteration Method, but it’s more effective because man IS in control]  
* This is how people (man) are TRAPPED into the ‘corporate justice system’  

During your lifetime when you’re faced with a life-changing inconvenience from either one or more of the following – bank, law firm, police, court – what do you do?

Do you panic or do you know how to NEUTRALISE the ‘harassment’ quickly and amicably, without engaging a lawyer and paying the high cost?

Study the following ‘5 Greatest Lessons’ and you’ll know how to get yourself out of trouble with any ‘corporate entity’ on your own. And what you’ll learn is in TOTAL COMPLIANCE WITH THE ‘SYSTEM’ and lawful.

A lawyer is the last PERSON you’d want to seek help to deal with any ‘case’ that involves you personally (unless it is for drawing up contracts and looking after your legal interest in matters as a PERSON) because the ‘system’ that he/she is part of has already made that lawyer clueless and will make him/her ineffective.

The powers-that-be have wickedly ensured what you’re about to learn is not taught in any university and that this knowledge be hidden from humanity.

Learn to be a man or a woman and FLIP from your enforced status as a PERSON or YOU to a living, breathing human being; and also learn to FLIP statutes court to queen’s bench invoking common law in a snap – and you’ll be able to deal with any banker, lawyer, police officer or judge on your own with no sweat.

1. The difference between a man and a PERSON or YOU

2. How to go to court as i, a man … not as a PERSON or YOU

3. The 8 most important words to learn

4. How to stop a bank from repossessing your house

5. Karl Lentz teaches common law

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